Ken Walker Net Worth

Ken Walker net worth
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People have an indispensable habit of longing for true love. Until they find theirs, they latch onto and get inspired by whatever examples of eternal love the society around them presents. But fate being fate takes a toll on everyone, even on those “Ideal Lovebirds”. 

Such is the case of the “Perfect Couple”, the YouTuber duo of De’arra Taylor and Kenneth “Ken” Walker. The couple set some serious RELATIONSHIP GOALS among the millennials through vlogs and videos on their YouTube channel ‘De’arra & Ken 4 Life’. 

Therefore it was quite a shocker for people to see a viral video in which a person who seems to be Ken is seen getting cozy with a woman in a parking lot. This outraged the fans, leading them to believe that Ken is in fact cheating on De’arra.

Ken Walker Net Worth is around $350,000

Ken and De’arra’s collective net worth would be somewhere around $706,000. If split equally, that puts Ken Walker’s Net Worth somewhere around $350,000.

Popularly referred to as DK4L, its YouTube channel which started in 2014, has over 6 Million subscribers. Ken and De’arra’s videos have a total view count of 765.5 million. Thus making DK4L one of the most popular YouTube channels.

Since the couple runs the YouTube channel together, it’ll be fair to assume that Ken and De’arra have equal shares in their earnings from YouTube. Their YouTube channel manages to get an average of 280,000 views every day. As a result of which they must making approximately $1,100 per day just from the ads.

Apart from ads, another source of revenue for YouTubers is through YouTube Red viewers who pay a monthly fee to view premium content on YouTube. Since it’s ad-free Youtubers get paid based on watch time on their videos. 

Is Ken really cheating on De’arra?

When Ken proposed to De’arra back in 2019, fans of the Youtuber duo were delighted. Finally, their dream couple was taking their relationship to the next level. 

But ever since that video surfaced, it broke everyone’s hearts. In the video, Ken is seeing moving his hands around a woman’s butt. Since this is all that was caught on camera, people have started making their own speculations. Most people believe that Ken is in fact cheating on De’arra.

Some thought that maybe it’s just a case of mistaken identity as Ken has a twin brother Kris, therefore the man and the woman in the video might be Kris and his girlfriend. But soon their doubts were put to rest when Kris admitted that he isn’t the one in the video. Kris replied to a comment on his Instagram saying :

“no and idk”

Both Ken and De’arra haven’t made any comments about the video yet. But this is indeed a heartbreaking situation after all the couple has been dating for 6 years now. Ken even put a heartwarming Instagram post for De’arra when the couple got engaged. The post’s caption read :

“I love you with all my heart and I’m grateful for the love you have given me. I am the man i am today because of you. A future Mrs.Walker in the making… ya boy Ken did it! We are engaged, next is the wedding, house, kids, grandkids etc. let’s grow old together.”


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