What is Brent Rivera’s Net Worth- Let’s Find Out

Brent Rivera and Taylor Swift
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Brent Rivera’s Biography

Brent Rivera is a YouTuber known for publishing content related to challenges and comedy. He is a Californian by birth and has Mexican roots from his mother’s side. The 21-year-old celebrity started YouTube at the age of 11, to entertain people through his comedy and he did achieve the goal as now he has 5.1 million followers.

He has also featured in a lot of TV shows like “Alexander IRL” and “Light as a Feather”. He has been able to accumulate this large of a following because of always staying in the trend, his virtue of adaptability has helped him getting liked by others. One of his most liked videos, “NEVER HAVE I EVER w/ Little sister and cousin!” has alone managed to gather more than a massive 10 million views.

Like a proper underdog YouTuber story, Bent received his popularity overnight. However, it all started in 2014 when he posted a lot of random prank videos on Vine and realized that entertaining people is the thing that he wants to do. More than 8 million people watched his pranks. He now has turned this hobby of his into a full-time job and posts his pictures almost daily to satisfy his fandom. After the two roles I movies, he has decided that he does want to pursue acting as his future goal.

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Brent Rivera’s Net Worth

Brent Rivera net worth is estimated at $7 Million. He has appeared in a campaign with Michelin to help raise awareness on tire safety along with Alexis Zall. He has also done product placements to endorse brands like Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and iPhone X.

He was also the face of Hollister’s anti-Bullying campaign, in 2016, he got involved with Hollister to raise awareness and money to fight against bullying and cyberbullying. He was very emotionally attached to the campaign as he, himself had gone through cyberbullying and never wishes anyone to go through it. He said, “For me, when I started making videos online, I was getting a lot of comments in person and online about being weird, and that’s being bullied. But I stayed strong and stayed positive, and over time, my videos caught on.” To Us Magazine.

Brent Rivera’s Family

His following is obsessed with his videos and are eager to know all about him and his private life. He has shared very less about his family. His father’s name is unknown to this day. However, he has always mentioned that his father is an inseparable part of his life and never forgets to congratulate his father on different occasions and jokes about him in his videos a lot of times.  

His mother- Laura Marie Paternoster, does not have a lot of social media presence but has featured in a lot of his YouTube videos. He gets his Mexican roots from his mother’s side. They share a very strong bond and it can be seen in videos where he goes to extreme extents to tell his mother how much he appreciates her help and that she is the best person he knows on his planet.

Not much is known about his siblings only that he has one younger sister and two older brothers- Blake Rivera and Brice Rivera. Unlike him, Blake Rivera is not interested in social media at all and is a graduate from Long Beach State University and the other brother Brice is an Instagram celebrity too with around 22o followers and a history of posting short films on Vine as well.

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Who is Brent Rivera Dating?

His sister, Lexi Rivera is famously known as Alexa first got the attention for being Brent’s sibling but then soon enough people started following her because of her talent as a gymnast and her green eyes. She has been linked together with skateboarder Ben Azelart and has confessed to having fallen in love with him at a young age of eighteen.

Being a social media celebrity it is a surety that people would be interested in one’s romantic relationships and the same goes for Brent, he is single but has been linked to another YouTuber Eva Gutowski in the past, however, that did not last long and he has been single ever since.

He made two videos- ‘Exposing Our Relationship’ and ‘Exposing Our Relationship 2’. In the first one, Eva and Brent mentioned that they did feel attracted towards each other, but never ended up kissing each other. They seemed so close to each other in the videos that they had explained it to their fan that they are not dating.

What is Brent Rivera’s Age?

Brent Rivera is currently 22 years old, born on January 9, 1998.

How tall is Brent Rivera?

Brent is Rivera 1.80 meters tall .i.e. 5 feet 11 inches and he is about 134 pounds.

Quick Facts

  • Real name – Brent Austin Rivera
  • Occupation- YouTuber, Viner, Instagram star
  • Birth Date- January 9, 1998
  • Age- 22
  • Zodiac Sign- Capricorn
  • Birthplace- Huntington Beach, California, United States
  • Education- Huntington High School
  • Nationality- America
  • Instagram follower- 18 Million
  • YouTube subscribers- 11 Million

Frequently asked questions

Where does Brent Rivera live?

Brent Rivera live lives in Huntington Beach, California, U.S.

Is Brent Rivera gay?

Brent Rivera has been supposedly term as Gay many times, but he is definitely not gay.


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