YouTuber Alissa Violet has a look alike- TikTok Star Gabby Zivkovic.

YouTuber and actress Alissa Violet has a look-alike meet TikTok star Gabby Zivkovic.

Gabby Zivkovic a.k.a Gabriella Josipa Zivkovic is a budding model and fitness enthusiast with a following of 60, 000 followers on Tiktok. She is often seen posting videos about fun fitness challenges, dancing to her favorite songs and funny videos.

She recently posted a video on Tiktok where she shared images of Alissa Violet alongside her own to show the stark similarities between the two on the music track Don’t start now by Dua Lipa. 

She captioned it, “I personally don’t see it, don’t come for me in the comments please” 


i personally don’t see it, don’t come for me in the comments please🥺 ##alissaviolet ##fyp ##foryou ##lookalike

♬ Don’t Start Now – Dua Lipa

 It is amusing to see how strong their resemblance is, with the same long blonde hair and sharp jawline, almost like Siamese twins. 

Alissa Violet is an American actress model and YouTuber, who gained popularity through the once-popular social media app, Vine. She had over 600,000 followers on Vine before it shut down. =

Her loyal fanbase on Vine followed her on Instagram too, where she has now grown her fanbase to 9.5M.

Alissa was born and raised in Brunswick, Ohio. She later moved to Los Angeles to try her luck at modeling. Ever since she saw Victoria’s Secret commercial, she wanted to be a model. 

Apart from modeling, Alissa started out on social media by posting short 6 second videos on Vine. 

She later created a Youtube channel named Alissa violet and smoothly transitioned from Vine on February 14, 2015. She has a 3.8M strong army on Youtube. She started out by posting vlogs about her life in the team 10 house.

Apart from Youtube, she has a successful career as an actress. She played the role of a woman named Kylie on the TV show “The deleted”. The show gained popularity for being a cult thriller that follows the disappearance of three unconnected people from Los Angeles. She also featured as a model for brands like Converse and boohoo. 

In 2018 she collaborated with the brand Quay Australia to create an eye wear line for which she was also the brand ambassador. 


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