YouTube Star Tati Westbrook Says “Be a better version of yourselves”

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has gotten a whole lot of celebrities to be much more active on social media and other platforms than before. Celebrities have taken upon themselves to entertain themselves and their fans and followers in this time of isolation. Many celebrities are creating awareness about the pandemic through various platforms and encouraging people to stay home and take proper measures to keep themselves and others safe because it is the need of the hour. Among these, Tati Westbrook is one who posted a self-quarantine video on her YouTube channel on 23rd March 2020.

She told her viewers that she has been quarantined for 18 days as of that day. In her 24-minute video, she shared no make-up tips or product reviews, but what she has been going through recently and how she is coping with the pandemic situation. Westbrook is currently isolated in Seattle.

Tati Westbrook is an internet personality who is widely considered as the progenitor of YouTube’s beauty scenes. Some also call her ‘the mother of the YouTube beauty community’. She is also an entrepreneur with her own company called the Halo beauty Inc.

The YouTube star shared through her video that she had a meltdown recently but she is trying to do better each day. She has been trying to connect to herself again, and she is feeling happier than she has in a long time.

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The make-up artist revealed that she has been praying at meals which she has not done in years. She is also meditating and frequently calling her friends and family to check-up on them.

The star shared that she thought she had a healthy lifestyle before but after doing so well these couple of days, she thinks she has a better routine now. She also urged her viewers to change something in their lifestyle for the better these days. She emphasized that no one has to be perfect or strive for perfection but make a few changes to have a better lifestyle with more immunity in these trying times.

Wrapping up her video, Tati asked her fans to stay safe, and told them that they can chat with her whenever. Well, that is something to look forward to.


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