You Season 3: Release Date, Cast and More about ‘Joe and Love’

You’ has been one of the most looked forward of the shows ever produced by Netflix. As soon as the season 2 of the show hit the streaming platform, fans were already desperate to watch the season 3 and the story moving forward with Joe and his just as twisted wife Love Quinn. 

Season 3 is officially coming to Netflix. The psychological thriller has raised a lot of questions in the minds of the critics highlighting it’s problematic themes. People have mentioned toxic pursuits of the romantic obsessions of the main character, Joe but they all agree that there is something really very compelling about the show and Joe’s character. 

The show is based on a novel written by the author- Caroline Kepnes, who wrote it as her return for her hiatus. The first installment of the book was released in 2014, venturing on the dangerous mind of the psychopath obsessed with staling women as a lovesick romantic. 

The show until now has shown us the story of Joe pursuing his two potential love interests, Candance and Love. In which he ends up killing Candice and his short affair with his landlord. It has been an extremely uncomfortable journey with the intimate thoughts and actions of Joe rustling through his dilemma about his lovers.

However, the show has still retained a very loyal following asking for more of the psychological thriller

The shooting of the show started at the beginning of the year, but it’ll be foolish to think that the production was not affected by the pandemic, COVID- 19. The show has been very intimate until now and the pandemic must have affected this aspect of the show the most.

There has been no official statement regarding the date for the new season’s release, but the fans are hoping that the show will release in 2021 by the latest. 

After the news about the release of the show was announced, it was also revealed that the new season of the show will have 10 episodes.

The official Twitter page of the show posted a video in early January, stating “New Year, New You“, a self-commentary in You’s second season. 

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See you soon, neighbor. YOU S3 is coming.

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On Twitter, producer Sera Gamble confirmed on Friday, February 7 that work had started on You season 3. “Just thought you’d want to know,” Gamble wrote.

In terms of casting, we surely know that the protagonist of the show, Pen Badgely as Joe and his love interest Love played by Victoria Pedretti will be returning to the show.  It was pretty known that Love, Victoria will be coming back to the show by the way the season two had ended, it was pretty sure that the presence of Love in Joe’s life was a pretty sure thing. 


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