Xiaomi announces the new Mi Mix Alpha

Xiaomi has discovered a brand new phone that will have come back from its efforts to develop a collapsable epitome. It’s referred to as the Mi combine Alpha, and it’s one-upping the primary Mi combine by having a “Surround Screen” that virtually wraps around its body. The Beijing-based school company says its screen-to-body magnitude relation is 180.6 percent, and the parts not covered by a display — the top and the bottom of the phone, in other words — are manufactured from aero-grade Ti metal that is apparently lighter than stainless-steel.

According to Xiaomi, the Mi Mix Alpha display wraps around the phone and pretty much covers the entire body barring a stripe on the back that houses the cameras. Xiaomi says it’ll use sensors and AI algorithms to observe that aspect of the phone you’re staring at to lightweight that up and show content. The phone also doesn’t include physical side buttons.

“To accommodate the nearly all-screen providing, Mi MIX Alpha has minimal bezels on the top and bottom, and ditches the physical side buttons altogether,” Xiaomi said in a statement. “A new show acoustic technology replaces the normal electro-acoustic transducer receiver and proximity sensing element whereas the device’s sides area unit pressure-sensitive and leverage a linear motor to simulate the bit of real buttons.”

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The Surround Display of the Xiaomi Mi Alpha does away with the side bezels, but also ends the need to put an additional camera sensor for taking selfies or making video calls. The device sports 180.6 per cent screen-to-body ratio, which is not seen on most regular smartphones.

This kind of form-factor is not entirely new as the Huawei’s foldable device Mate X also sports a similar look when folded. The Mate X becomes a tablet when unfolded, but it has to do deal with the complications of a foldable screen and the safety issues with the screen staying exposed all the time at both the front and back. The Mi MIX Alpha also faces the same threat of being a fragile device. Also, how does one put a screen protector or a back case on such a smartphone?

You may wish to prepare your bank account if you are interested, because it has a rather hefty 19,999 yuan (or about $2,810) price tag, making it even more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Aside from the parts themselves, its pricing likely came from its complex assembly method. It needs the manufacturer to position every layer on high of the opposite one by one, beginning with its internal assembly, then its laminating show, its bit panel and a tough protection layer.

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