With A Big Delay Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Could Release Next Week

The news on the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is bursting on the internet. But the beleaguered ingenious folding smartphone from the South Korean operator is yet to secure its second official debut. 

During a press report in July, Samsung promised to reprise the Galaxy Fold in September. But at that time they didn’t confess a precise date.

Nevertheless, the source of a very new report from a Korean media break implies Samsung has announced the September 6 for a formal decision.

This is quite trustable because that’s the equivalent date Europe’s most comprehensive trade show kicks off in Berlin. So it is not a surprise if Samsung chooses to use IFA 2019 as a release stage.

The wait might end soon

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was originally set to start in April this year. But because of various design defects made the process slower. It made the impressive handset go back to the drawing board again and again. The company canceling all pre-orders because of this delay.

In June, the company proclaimed that most of the Fold’s issues are solved and it can come-up by July. That timeline also went off after the bugs in the design. 

Within that time, Samsung sharpens our cravings by placing the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus on ridges while we expected impassively for one of the most exciting phones to come out in the market.

From the Korean report, we got to know that one of the fold phones was about to come in September. But the company appears to have chosen to bring the date foremost. In this case, South Korea will get the phone at first. The USA and China will also get a September arrival but the dates are not fixed yet.

Releasing phones to other markets is still unsure. But we’re sure to acquire more next week if Samsung does accompany through with this September 6 declaration date.


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