Watch- When Ashley Benson was completely “Ignored” by Jimmy Fallon in an elevator

Around the time that her film ‘Her Smell’ was released, Ashley Benson came on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’. Amidst the light-hearted chit-chat, she reminded Jimmy Fallon about the time he pretended not to know her when they bumped into each other at a Knicks game.

Ashley Benson was at a Knicks game in New York when she ran into Jimmy Fallon in the elevator. 

She said: 

“The last time I ran into you was at the Knicks game, It was just me, my friend, you and your friend”

She also specifically told the audience that the elevator was big. Ashley continued saying:

“He walks in and I’m in a corner and he just like stands in front of me and I thought that you just either didn’t see me”

She was excited and went on said, ‘Oh hi’ and he was just there. It was very awkward.

She awkwardly looking at her friend a little confused about whether she should say something when finally, Jimmy Fallon turned around and greeted her saying. ‘Ashley, hi’. For a second there, Ashley thought that he didn’t know who he was. 

Jimmy Fallon then explained that he walked, saw her, and then acted like he didn’t know who she was. He leaned against the back and just stared at the numbers to mess with Ashley. He also mentioned that there was no one else in the elevator and she was at his show just a day before that incident. 

On the show, Ashely Benson talked about how she came to New York for 3 months and it has been 3 years and she is still here.  

The PLL star revealed how her best friend’s obsession with The Handmaiden’s Tale and Elizabeth Moss’s obsession with Pretty Little Liars (PLL) got her a role in Her Smell. 

Her Smell was released in April 2019 and received positive reviews from the critics.


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