Was Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin’s Instagram fight fake?

Aaron Carter is a songwriter, record producer, singer, dancer, and rapper. His rise to fame was first as a pop and hip hop singer in the late 1990s. He established himself as a star among pre-teen and teenage audiences with his four studio albums during the first years of the 21st century. One of his albums named Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) which was released in 2000 sold over 3 million copies in the USA. After this album, Aaron began making guest appearances in Nickelodeon and started touring with the Backstreet Boys.

Melanie Martin is Carter’s current girlfriend. She is an Instagram model. After Carter made his relationship with Melanie Instagram official, his fans trashed Melanie, calling her a plastic model, and fake. They also went to the lengths of accusing her of using Carter for money. Some made comments like she, and her love for Carter, both are fake. Coming from a Bulgarian background, Melanie has unique facial features which many fans considered to be a result of plastic surgery.

Melanie slammed her haters on Instagram telling them that Aaron isn’t being played, and they shouldn’t comment on her when they don’t really know her.

After all the Instagram romance, Melanie and Carter had a nasty relationship fight on a live stream, in front of all their fans. During the fight, carter called Melanie a cheater and accused her of sending inappropriate photographs to her old clients from the bar. He also accused her of hideously saving a person’s contact name as Michelle. He told his fans that she was only dating her for money.


To anyone, this fight would inevitably mean the end of a relationship. But, to everyone’s surprise, or a rather shock, she is still with Carter. This reunion led the fans to speculate, and accuse both of them of staging a fight.

But what could be the reason for this pretence? Well, they both shared an OnlyFans page, and many people think that the fake fight was to get more subscribers for their account.

But we are not so sure, because, after the fight, the OnlyFans page they shared became only Aaron Carter’s page which could be the result of their live-stream fight but later it was changed to “aaronandmelanie” . Also, Melanie mentioned in an interview that she could never say anything negative about Carter. So, was this reunion the consequence of Melanie’s unconditional love? Or did carter apologize as no man has ever done before? Wait to find out.

Recent update:

Melanie Martin jailed for domestic violence


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