Vikings Season 7- Is it happening?

Although most renowned for documentaries, Vikings is the History channel’s most popular and successful production.

Created by Michael Hirst, the historical action drama series has released 79 episodes in total. Also, to date, six seasons have aired. The series debuted in March 2013, and the first part of season six finished airing in February 2020.

The show has been a commercial success for the History Channel, the series has been acclaimed by the critics.

Vikings Season 7: Release Date

The sixth season of the series has been divided into two parts. And the second part is yet to air.  Although we don’t have an exact date, the official date was that part two will air sometime at the end of this year.

Although due to a pandemic situation at hand, we do not know if the show is confirmed to return this year. There is a huge possibility that the second part will see a delay and will shift its premiere until 2021.

Unfortunately for the fans, a seven-season won’t be happening as History Channel has decided to cancel the series due to low viewership.

Possible Cast and Characters

Since the series will end after the sixth season finishes airing, we can’t comment about the cast of the seventh season.

But we do have the list of part two of the sixth season.

It will probably feature Alexander Ludwig as Bjorn Ironside, Alex Hogh Anderson as Ivar the Boneless, Jordan Patrick Smith as Ubbe, Georgia Hirst as Torvi and Gustaf Skarsgard as Floki.

Along with them, another main and recurring cast might also return to join the series.

The Plot of Season 6: Part 2

The second part of season 6 is the last part of the show. Therefore, the plot is kept as a secret.

Nobody is even trying to give a spoiler. Alexander Ludwig told Entertainment Tonight. “I’ve been ordered by the powers higher than me that I’m not allowed to speak on the subject “

For now, we can say that part two will pick up where the first one ended. In addition, the second part will focus on Bjorn’s fate after being stabbed by Ivar.

Also, the future of Floki will also be explored after his ascent to the throne of Kattegat.

 Vikings take inspiration from the tales of infamous Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. The series shows the rise of Ragnar from being a farmer to becoming a legend.

On his path to glory, he scourges England and France and becomes the king of Scandinavia. The series later follows the adventures of his sons and their conquests in England, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean.

Vikings: Valhalla set to fill the void after Vikings ends

Fans will be glad to know that Vikings is getting a spin-off series. The new show is named Vikings: Valhalla.

In addition, it will stream exclusively on Netflix. The new series was announced before the release of the sixth season.  Currently, there is not much information available on the spin-off series.

But some suggest that the upcoming series would be set 100 years after the end of the original show.

Thanks to a few breadcrumbs of information Netflix and MGM dropped for us about Valhalla. In a tweet about the spin-off, Netflix teased some of the historic figures that would appear in the series: “This saga will follow the most famous Vikings who ever lived: Leif Erickson, Freydis, Harald[Hardrada], and William the Conqueror!”

Vikings Season 7: Trailer

Since the series is getting cancelled, a trailer for season 7 won’t be available. Furthermore, fans anticipating the trailer for Valhalla series would also have to wait since production on it hasn’t begun yet.


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