Irwin Rivera Net Worth

Irwin Rivera Net Worth
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Mexico born this Mixed Martial Artist is on everyone’s nerves, quite literally. If you’re into the wild sport of MMA you can’t miss Irwin Rivera who has been fighting in the infamous Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The 31-year-old through his sports career has had many wins and few losses. In year’s through his exemplary fighting skills, he became a renowned name in the UFC universe. 

How much is the UFC fighter worth? 

Irwin has built for himself a quite impressive fortune in his decade long MMA career. In the octagon, he has had a total of 10 wins and 5 losses. His latest victory was against Ali Al Qaisi. He also works in association with the Blackzillians gym which was founded in 2011. Looking through his career we can easily estimate he is worth over a million dollars.

As of 2020, his actual net worth is still under review and has not been revealed yet. Though his disclosed earnings are said to be $14000. This all information dresses to the conclusion that he lives a satisfying and comfortable life. As soon as we have some solid figures regarding his net worth we will keep you updated so stay tuned.

Irwin was arrested and jailed for the attempt of his sister’s murder

The UFC bantamweight champion has been accused on two counts of attempted murder and arrested for the same this Thursday. Ali Abdelaziz Rivera’s manager did not instantly respond to a plea for a comment. A UFC official provided a statement to MMA Fighting confirming Rivera’s career is on pause pending an investigation by the promotion.

A statement read:

“UFC is aware of the recent incident involving Irwin Rivera and subsequently received information from his management that he has been exhibiting behavior consistent with mental health issues,”

“The allegations are extremely troubling and the organization is currently gathering additional information. The investigation is ongoing and any potential next steps including disciplinary action or medical attention will be determined upon the conclusion. Furthermore, UFC has informed Rivera’s management that he will not be offered about at this time.”

According to an incident report from the Boynton Beach Police Department thanks to ESPN, Rivera, who was arrested Thursday, admitted that he tried to kill his two sisters by stabbing them with a knife in the early morning hours. Rivera said, according to the report, that killing his sisters was his purpose, told to him by “a higher power.”

River’s manager also informed the fighter’s sisters, Lezlye and Kelly, who remain hospitalized but in stable condition.

The very next day of the attempted murder one of his sister Lezlye broke down on Facebook and wrote in a post  “that Rivera hadn’t been sleeping, was not talking the way he normally would and completely had lost interest in MMA training, which is what “he lives to do.”  She continued “Unfortunately his mental stage was worse than we could [have] imagined and before we could help him he completely broke. His mentality has been completely corrupted into something unrecognizable.”

 His sisters believe “it wasn’t him” trying to kill them and request authorities for serious mental health assistance for Rivera. “His sisters support him 100 percent,” Abdelaziz told ESPN. “They said, ‘My brother is a good, beautiful human being and needs help.’ They said it wasn’t really him.”


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