Glover Teixeira Net Worth

glover teixeira net worth
source: Instagram

If we’re enunciating about Mixed Martial Arts, there’s no way we can miss out on Glover Teixeira. This light heavyweight Brazillian champion is a gem of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  As of April 2016, he was ranked the 3rd light heavyweight fighter both in the UFC by the UFC and the MMA website Sherdog, respectively.

Don’t get confused with his anger in the octagon, he has a pretty happy bank account. The champion is worth more than you can imagine. Though, majorly gets all his earning by beating his rivals in the ring which is going very well for him.

Glover Teixeira Net Worth is around $8 Million.

The net worth of this renowned mixed martial artist as of sources is estimated to be approximately $8 million. His salary is yet to be discovered but surely that too would be a hefty number.

Along with this, he also gets revenue from his gym named Teixeira MMA & Fitness which is satisfactory as well.

Background check; Life before the octagon.

This UFC champ hadn’t had a childhood of beds and roses. He was born in Sobrália, Brazil in late October with birth name Glover Lucas Teixeira, the family was a victim of poverty. To help his family, he moved to Danbury Connecticut in the 1990s and worked there as a landscaper. Though he always had an interest in this sport. In one of the interviews he opens up and tells how he used to look up to famous fighters like Royce Gracie, Chuck Liddell and many more.

glover teixeira net worth
source: Instagram

Glover Teixeira career in a nutshell.

He worked in landscaping while beginning his training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu before his MMA career. He finally got acknowledged by trainer John Hackleman who invited him to train with world-renowned fighter Chuck Liddell at the California gym The Pit. It was like a dream come true for Glover to get trained with one of his ideals. Eventually in 2014, he joined hands with UFC and signed the deal. His debut performance at UFC 146 against Kyles Kingsbury on April 26, 2014, was quite upright.

In April 2014, he earned his title shot against the then-defending light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, this proved game-changing for him quite literally. He became one of the best fighters of UFC and all his fans were drooling.

Speaking of his MMA world, he has performed amazingly. According to the records, out of his 39 matches he fought, he won 32 of them and lost just 7 matches.

In Sep 2020, he was tested COVID positive, just ahead of his UFA event, post which the main event was rescheduled to October. However, being the master that he is, he came back strong and won an another UFC on Saturday night.

is Glover married?

The UFC star is a married man. He is happily married to Ingrid Peterson Teixeria.


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