Si Robertson Net Worth

Si Robertson Net Worth
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If there’s anyone who could have made the American audience love him for making Duck Calls, it’s Silas Robertson. He has been entertaining audiences with his quirks and mannerism for about eight years now. 

Better known as Uncle Si, he was one of the cast members on the hit reality drama tv show “Duck Dynasty”. He found recognition amongst the American households for coining the catchphrase “Hey, Jack!”.

A lot has happened for the duck call-maker turned television personality since the last episode of Duck Dynasty aired in 2017. Uncle Si is now retired and venturing into various things. Recently he seems to have found a keen interest in recording podcasts or as he likes to call them “Podcats”. This revelation was made on the recent vlog on the Duck Commander YouTube channel.

What is Si Robertson’s Net Worth?

Si Robertson was the most beloved star in Duck Dynasty. The former duck hunter was the only member of the cast to his own spin-off series. Si Robertson currently has a net worth of about $8 Million. 

Life before Duck Commander

Si Robertson was the sixth of the seven children. While growing up, Robertson and his family lived with several hardships owing to some financial setbacks that the family faced. 

During his time at the North Caddo High School in Vivian, Louisiana, Robertson enrolled in the school football team. Then he went to attend college at Louisiana Tech University but eventually dropped out after three semesters. Then during the Vietnam War, he was drafted into the army.

Si Robertson joined his brother’s business, “Duck Commander” after he retired from the army in 1993. He made significant contributions to growing the business. 

Duck Dynasty and life as a Reality TV Star

The show first aired in 2012 and instantly became a hit. The show revolved around the lives of the Robertson family and their family-owned business ‘Duck Commander’. Their business involves making and selling hunting merchandise, primarily duck-hunting merchandise.

Duck Dynasty raked in millions of viewers for every airing of its episodes. In fact, in 2013, the finale of its third season was watched by over 10 million viewers. The same year Uncle Si also released his memoir titled “Si-ology” which was pre-ordered by over 500,000 people. 

After Duck Dynasty ended in 2017, Si Robertson has been up to a lot of stuff. He has tried hands at writing, acting and even released a music album. Uncle Si also starred in the Duck Dynasty spin-off reality TV series “Going Si-Ral”, for which he also was the executive producer.  


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