Lisa Barlow Net Worth

lisa barlow net worth
Source: Instagram

We all are drooling over the new addition to the Bravo franchise the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” which recently took over the internet. The show demonstrates six beautiful women of Utah and how their lives change following eerie events unfold on the streets of Salt Lake City, Utah. Today we will talk about one of the six ladies, Lisa Barlow

Lisa is an American businesswoman better known for her drama than her bank account. She owns LUXE which is a marketing company and has many other ventures under her. Though her career as a reality tv star has just commenced through RHOSLC

Money runs through Lisa’s veins. There is no doubt in the fact that she earns heftily all thanks to her different business and ventures.

LUXE CEO Lisa Barlow has a net worth of $5 million!

As of 2020, Lisa is estimated to have a net worth of $5million. Her role in RHOSLC would not only earn her fame but also add more millions to the already stunning figure.

This American has earned impressive fortune be it her marketing company LUXE or her tequila company VIDA and now being one of the housewives on the reality show her bank account is booming.

lisa barlow net worth
Source: Instagram

Slams Haters Online

‘I know a lot of people keep sending me DMs and think my face is fake,’

The release of the Bravo reality series Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City has made all the six ladies the talk of the town. With gallons of appreciation and compliments, there was a baggage of hate that came in handy. Lisa was enjoying her stardom until harsh comments slammed her social media creating a toxic environment for her to be in. 

The businesswoman recently hit 30k followers on Instagram and likes to keep her account interesting and updated. Recently she started receiving comments on her post claiming she has fake features and accusing her of having face fillers and plastic surgery

Lisa came back to all the haters saying ‘I have nothing against the unnatural. I just prefer to be natural‘ she added; 

I know a lot of people keep sending me DMs and think my face is fake,‘ the RHOSLC star continued 

Sorry, it’s what God gave me and if it were fake I probably would make it much better. And my nose is crooked. It’s broken. You can see. But I’m okay with that.

It all started when someone replied to her now-deleted Instagram story saying ‘Look! Wrinkles, scrunch marks!‘ 

She owed up to all her flaws like a queen and claimed her husband john Barlow loves her little scrunch marks as they remind him of their wedding. 

She truly is a strong independent woman who proved the opinions of a stranger on the internet don’t matter unless you know what the truth is. 

Who Lisa Barlow is married to?

She might be active online sharing her life with the world but she manages to maintain a healthy offline life too. John and Lisa share an adorable marriage parenting two sons. She and John are not only life partners but are business partners too.


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