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Kelly Dodd, an American T.V. personality born on 26 September 1975, in Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S., has gathered a massive number of fans through the reality T.V. show, The Housewives of Orange County. The show is based on the private and professional lives of the women living in Orange County, California. She connected with the cast for the 11th season in 2016.

Before making her debut in the T.V. show, Kelly Dodd was a Chief Operating Officer of Kiss Me Mirror company, which supplies Make-up mirrors. 

Present-day followers of her Instagram may know about her current announcement. She recently announced about launching a new clothesline called No Skill. As of now, there is no clarification of launch dates.

Kelly Dodd’s Net Worth is approximately $10 million

Kelly Dodd has an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars. Her overall net worth arose from her divorce settlements.

The L.A. Times also disclosed that the couple sold their ocean-view 5-bedroom home in Corona Del Mar for $5 million after the divorce.

Bobbi Meza tested positive for COVID-19

According to sources, Eric Meza, brother of Kelly Dodd, informed everyone about her mother’s ongoing fight with the virus.

Taking to Instagram, Eric shared a post in which he wrote: “Prayers needed for my mother. Thank You. she is in ICU“. 

Kelly’s views on pandemic before it came into her backyard. She was very straightforward with her views on the worldwide pandemic. She stated that it was just “God’s Way of Thinning the Herd“. 

Her fans now have more interest in seeing how seriously now she takes the pandemic.

Who is Kelly Dodd dating?

Kelly Dodd is currently dating news broadcaster, Rick Leventhal. She has a 13-year-old daughter, Jolie, with Michael Dodd, but the couple is no longer together. She divorced Michael Dodd in February 2018 after 11 years of their marriage. She is currently staying with her mother (Kelly) in California.  

Kelly Dodd’s Instagram

  • User name: @kellyddodd
  • Media Uploads: 1,133
  • Followers: 764,032
  • Following: 445
  • Engagement rate: 1.16%
  • Avg Likes: 8,349.90
  • Avg Comments: 486.70


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