Baby Ariel Net worth and How She Got Famous?

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Baby Ariel Early Life:

Ariel Rebecca Martin, most commonly known as Baby Ariel, has plenty of titles under her name. She is a TikTok celebrity, singer and actress, author, director, advocate, role model, social media celebrity, etc. She was born on November 22, 2020. She was born in Pembroke Pines, Florida, United States. She is of Spanish, Cuban, Israeli, and Panamanian descent. Her mother’s name is Sharon Kremlin Martin who is an American and father’s name is Jose Martin, who is a Panamanian. She has a brother named Jacob who is younger to her. Jacob is also a musician and was pretty known for his videos in Musically (now TikTok). Let’s find out Baby Ariel’s net worth.


Baby Ariel was home schooled. She also attended public school before taking online classes. She also tried her hands on gymnastics.

Professional Career:

During the springtime of 2015, she was staying at her grandparents’ house as her own house was destroyed in the floods and was under repair. During this time, she started uploading cool videos of her lip-syncing and funny videos on Musically App to kill some time. Her unique style, peculiar facial expressions and her great sense of making hand gestures caught attention with the app users. That’s how “Baby Ariel” was launched in the online world.

She became an instant hit, thanks to her unique way of filming her videos. She has been able to amass a massive number of 31 Million followers on her TikTok account and a total of 1.75 Billion likes on all her videos. In 2017, she was acknowledged as one of the most inspiring and influential people on the internet by one of the most important magazines, TIME Magazine. She was also recognized as one of the top entertaining influencers by Forbes Magazine. She was also mentioned in the other magazines and newspapers like Business Insider, Fast Company, Seventeen Magazine, Wonderwall, CNN, Huffington Post. She has also appeared on Good Morning America, The Wallstreet Journal and on the cover of Billboard Magazine.

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She was awarded as Teen Choice Awards in 2016-2017. She was also nominated for a lot of awards like “Entertainer of the Year” in 2016, Steamy Awards amongst others.

However, as her popularity grew, she became a victim of cyberbullying. She started receiving a lot of hate from her social media accounts. To tackle this and to support thousands of other victims, she started a campaign called #ArielMovement, an anti-bullying campaign. This was discovered by Black Book as one of her most important attempts to curb the bullying on social media. She was also noticed by People Magazine for her support in the #HackHarassment initiative which would help people who are subject to hateful trolls. She was also greeted by Awesomeness TV on their “Speak Up” campaign against the online hate.

She also signed a contract with Creative Artist Agency where she launched her first single “Aww” in December 2017 followed by the second single called “Perf”. In 2019, she made her directorial debut for the song “Wildside”, a music video. She has also been cast for the role of Wynter, a loyal werewolf in “Zombies 2”.

Source: Instagram

Baby Ariel’s Recent and Upcoming Projects:

January 31

A new music video for her song called “The New Kid in Town” which also has some of her fellow actors from Zombies 2 cat.

February 14

As Wynter, a werewolf in “Zombies 2”

February 23

A show hosted by Trevor Tordjman and Baby Ariel, where families from all over the United States participate in a dance show to show who’s got the best dance moves.

March 04

A book called “Dreaming Out Loud” is out which talks about her amazing life journey.

Baby Ariel’s Net worth in 2020 is approximately $2.5 Million

This 19-year-old is already a millionaire. Her net worth is estimated to be more than $2.5 Million. She earns approx. $54,000 per video. Apart from online earnings, she is also expected to earn a passive income from offline videos, sponsorships, public performances, etc. She also sells plenty of branded products ranging from cosmetics, hats, sweatshirts, bags, etc.


pov: you’re my crush and i’m convincing you to spend xmas with me but things get weird

♬ This Christmas – Pink Sweat$, Donny Hathaway

About her Love Life:

Not much has been known about Baby Ariel’s love life. However, it was known that she dated a fellow social media celebrity Zach Clayton sometime in 2016.

Baby Ariel’s Social Media


  • TikTok Handle: @babyariel
  • Followers: 31 Million
  • Following: 176
  • Likes: 1.75 Billion


  • Instagram Handle: @babyariel
  • Followers: 9.5 Million
  • Following: 999


  • Twitter Handle: @BabyAriel
  • Followers: 1 Million
  • Following: 5551


  • Twitter Handle: Baby Ariel
  • Subscribers: 3.04 Million

Frequently asked questions

How much does Baby Ariel get paid?

Her net worth is estimated to be more than $2.5 Million. She earns approx. $54,000 per video.

What is Baby Ariel’s real name?

Ariel Rebecca Martin is Baby Ariel’s real name

Who is Baby Ariel dating right now?

It was known that she dated a fellow social media celebrity Zach Clayton sometime in 2016.

Where does Baby Ariel live?

Baby Ariel. Pembroke Pines, Florida, U.S.


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