Adrienne Houghton Net Worth

adrienne houghton net worth
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Adrienne Houghton is an American singer, actress, television star, and dancer and known for her contributions to a hip hop soul girl group called 3LW. The Cheetah Girl has been co-hosting the popular daytime talk show the real for seven long years now.

Right from the start, Adrienne was underestimated for her work and paid less as compared to other hosts of the show. There have been many instances where she was equipped with the news headlines for fighting against unfair pay practices of the show. Let’s discover how much the reality show host is worth.

Adrienne is the lowest-paid anchor of The Real Show.

According to recent updates she is estimated to have a net worth of $4 million. Over the years she has proved to be a great asset for the show and we believe she should be paid fairly concerning her colleagues. Though, the media isn’t the only source of income she earns. Adrienne is also a YouTuber in her leisure time and drops fun videos of lifestyle, cooking, clothing for her 1 million subscribers. 

It was a shocking disclosure to the fans when they found out that Adrienne was the lowest-paid anchor of the show. If experience and popularity are concerned Houghton is shoulder to shoulder with Jeannie Mai and Lonie love and other hosts.

As the musician continues to work with the show it is assumed that the feud between the two is settled and Adrienne is satisfied with her paycheque.

adrienne houghton net worth
Source: Instagram

Taking a Stand for Carl Lentz 

The American artist gets a little teary eye on Wednesday hosting The Real show while discussing the ongoing affair of Carl Lentz as he got fired from Hillsong.

What he did is wrong and I’m sure that his family is feeling that more than we are, and that’s what we have to remember,” the anchor confessed her true feelings.

Hillsong revealed last week that Lentz was fired from the global megachurch due to “leadership issues and breaches of trust, plus a recent revelation of moral failures.

Lentz later accepted on Instagram that he cheated on Laura his wife. 

Houghton’s voice started to break and tears went down her cheeks while she continued taking a stand for Lentz. 

From Medicine to Music!

Adrienne was born on October 24, 1983. She belongs to the lower east side of Manhattan. She was about to pursue her career in medicine until she realized her musical caliber and was attracted to build a fortune as a singer. She gained recognition when her voice reached Ricky Martin. She became a backup singer for his Livin’ la Vida Loca Tour concert. Things went roses for her past that concert. 

From being a part of 3LW to releasing her first single “No More” and to get to star in the Disney movie ’The Cheetah Girls’ and finally becoming a ’The Real’ show host.

 Irrespective of all the unfair practices at work she has successfully managed to carve her name in the media world and became one of the notable names affixed to the talk show.


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