Top 10 recommendations for Electric cars to swap your old boring fuel-driven automobile to a new domain.

  • Electric cars are now in demand and gained allure finally in 2020.
  • The cars let you travel in silence and produce zero emissions for good for the environment and government grants make it affordable.
  • We’ve got a list of ultimate 10 affordable electric cars suggestions, 2020 version.

Electric Cars have ultimately gained attraction it deserved. They have been a long time in the market and finally, 2020 has resulted optimistic for the machines. The sales of new electric cars have increased to an enormous amount. 

Right now, because of the ongoing catastrophe of COVID-19, the economy has been messed up which has resulted in the fall of the prices of the electric baddies making them affordable and parallel to ordinary cars. People love an Electric Vehicle (EV) and why won’t they, what’s there to disagree. It’s new, exciting, lets you travel in silence and produces zero emissions for good for the environment, and the government even encourages and grants you to buy one. 

With affordable prices and comfortable infrastructure, EV becomes the best alternative to the old boring cars. Most of the people are now making a decision and switching themselves to being electric. But they face the dilemma to choose one from the pool of options as today various reputed automobile brands are trying their luck in creating their own EV.

But we are here to the rescue, we’ve got a list of top 10 affordable electric cars suggestions, 2020 edition.

10. The BMW i3

 The urban looking i3 is worth a shot. It has a multi-facet appeal. The plastic chassis used makes it so light and gives a unique car experience. The 168bhp electric motor (rising to 181bhp for the i3S) offers peak torque at zero revs; and so, although the car’s top speed is only 99mph, it has strong performance getting there which wouldn’t shame a warm hatchback. First, you would die for it looks, then the way it drives you. The drawback is it comes from a little expensive side.

9. Honda E

We can’t talk cars, without the reference of Honda. They launched their first electric car, the Honda E supermini which is clever and yet compact. The car’s available in 134- and 151bhp forms but fail with the battery capacity. But it drives like butter and easy to operate. It’s for relaxers and the ones who loves the touch of sophistication.

8. Renault Zoe 

With 41kWh battery, it would give you an ever wanting long drive but limited to 150 miles. But now the attractive short hopper has been upgraded to more polished design and 52kWh battery, which would take the car at least 245 miles of range on the WLTP cycle; or around 180- to 200- in mixed real-world use. More attractive than the car is it’s price tag with the UK government’s PiCG inducement drawing the car’s entry price down to around £25,000. With better price and better features, it gives a tough competition in the market.

7. Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf has been in the industry for a long time. The car is still maintaining its reputation of the affordable electric car, it had a decade ago. Possessing a 25 percent boost on battery capacity, the Nissan now dominates some of its rivals with a WLTP-certified range of 168 miles – rising to more than 200 in the case of the range-topping 64kWh ‘e+’ version. It is a more practical family car with a strong physique and good for the pockets too after the government’s £3000 PiCG allowance. It is highly recommended and a great option for your fuel or diesel driven transport.

6. Kia Soul EV

Kia crashes the European market again, but now as an EV for gen-Z. Besides its 1682kg kerb weight, it performs impressively. The car guarantees a WLTP-certified range of 280 miles when provided with a 64kWh battery. UK prices start from £33,795 after the UK government incentive making Kia enviro only a few thousand pounds expensive. This gives you more reasons to have it in your garage.

5. Mini Electric.

After much wait, Mini finally is all prepped to enter the EV markets. With great 181bhp and 199lb ft torque and unique three-door body outlet, the Mini Electric adopts the powertrain from the BMW i3S. The car outgrew others on the list so far with stronger performance. With competitive price and not so serious limitations could be the very car to show you how rewarding electric motoring can be.

4. Hyundai Kona Electric 64kWh

The Korean makers handcrafted the car with strong power and delivered it into the roads with a sizable advantage on onboard electrical storage than plenty of the cars it’s rivaled by in this list. It suggests a smooth ride of 250 to 300 miles with impressive accelerated performance. The car though has quite many-body drawbacks, does not tick the columns of full-sized family. With prices at 

£30,000 the car can still give you a worthy ride.

3. Peugeot e-208

The PSA Group decided to redesign the 208 superminis and throw it back to the market all-electric. However, the car deserves to be in your recommendation if you’re planning to buy an electric car anytime this year. Dissimilar from more low-rent-feeling EVs, the car’s materially lux interior characterizes it just as clearly as the trendy bodywork. Honestly, it’s shoulder to shoulder to Renault Zoe and definitely better than Mini Electric.

2. Volkswagen ID 3

The car is all set to be in highlight and take the center- stage. It adds class and sophistication to your everyday drive to the grocery store. The ID is powered by a rear-mounted motor with 201bhp and 229lb ft along with its boosting leg space. The prices are yet kept confidential but after PiCG it would definitely value for money. It, however, deserves a second spot.

1. Kia e-Niro

This car is built to break stereotypes and outdo our expectations from an electric car. For around £35,000, you would get much real-world range, family-friendly features and the ultimate 

64kWh battery pack enables it to comfortably travel 230 miles on a single charge. The perfect blend of range and price tag and roomier, pleasant drive experience urges us to declare e-Niro as our winner. 

Let your passion for cars give you the brains to make a reasonable decision. 


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