TikTok Star James Charles Donated $5000 to the Arbor Hill Elementary School

  • James Charles gave a surprise visit to an elementary school in Albany New York. 
  • He answered some questions to inspire the kids.
  • He clicked pictures and delivered some sister apparel.
  • He also donated $5000 to the school.

James Charles gave a surprise visit to an elementary school a few weeks ago when he was back at his home in Albany New York. He surprised the 5th-grade kids at Arbor Hill Elementary School in Albany New York. He posted a vlog on this visit on Instagram. 

While the YouTube personality was interacting with the students, he was asked some questions to which he gave very inspiring answers. 

When he was asked who is somebody he looks up to, he instantly answered that it would be his dad. 

James Charles said:

“I look is probably be my dad, My dad is a contractor and he taught me a lot about what to means to work hard from a really young age.”

He shared with the kids and teachers that his dad is self-employed, he is a contractor and he has taught him a lot about what it means to work hard from a young age. He told everyone that if it weren’t for the support his mom and dad have given him, he wouldn’t be where he is now. 

Another question that was asked to him was how he deals with negative comments online.

James replied:

“Being online obviously everybody is going to share their opinion. One of the worst part of being a public figure or a celebrity is that a lot of comments are not positve”

He revealed that it took him some time to grow a thick skin and accept that a lot of people will not like you because he loves people. Now, he has learned to ignore such things and focus on positivity and love.

Lastly, commenting on the importance of education, James Charles said:

” Education is extremely important and I would not be there if not for the school I was able to attend and everybody there who supported me.” 

He inspired the kids and told them that he was a very hardworking student, attended school every day, and it was like a second home for him. 

He had a lot of fun with kids too. He clicked pictures with all of them, gave hugs, delivered some sister apparel, and played ‘Are you smarter than a 5th grader?’ with the class.  

James Charles also donated $5000 to the school to fix their playground so that children can enjoy their outdoor play to the fullest. 



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