TikTok star Colton AKA Clapdaddie accused of exploiting minor trans men


  • Ava Leigh exposed Colton to her large number of followers
  • Following her reveal, some trans teenagers also alleged the same.
  • Colton aka Clapdaddie defended himself against these accusations through TikTok.

This fiasco started when Ava Leigh posted a video on TikTok which addressed the Clapdaddie situation. In the video, she stated Clapdaddie has a history of fetishizing trans men and being inappropriate towards minors. She went on to say that she has had first-hand experiences of Colton saying sexual things to minors that interact with him, being flirt with them, or inappropriate physical advances towards them.

After her big reveal, people went mad and wanted to know the truth of the situation. At this time, among several accusations and rants, three TikTok users namely @bara.png@vegetarian_water, and @plxnetboy came out and posted videos on their respective accounts telling their viewers detailed stories of the time they were manipulated and preyed upon by Clapdaddie. Some also shared screenshots of chats. The user called @vegetarian_water also shared that after he posted his video, many people messaged him telling him that they have has similar encounters with Clapdaddie.

A TikTok user revealing the truth with facts and evidence.

One TikTok user called @oneguysopinion uploaded a video revealing the truth to the world with facts and evidence. In his video, he showed screenshots of chats that Clapdaddie had with three men who accused Clapdaddie of manipulating them and preying on them. Interestingly, the common things between these three men are that all of them were below 18 when they encountered Colton and all of them are trans men. Didn’t Ava mention that trans minor men were Clapdaddie’s fetish?


PART 2 – feel free to ask questions I’ll try to answer them

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Clapdaddie defending himself

Clapdaddie had to stand up for himself to do some damage control after this disaster. All this happened on TikTok, so it was obvious that Colton defended himself through TikTok. The mafia of the app posted a video on the app addressing the situation or rather ranting about it. He first listed all the accusations made against him like the accusation that he is a pedophile. Then he went on to explain that he does talk to minors irrespective of their age, gender, or race. He also said that it is true that he likes trans people and they are his preference but he does not fetishize over them. He failed to understand how his behavior could be assumed as flirting. He says that he does not flirt but only compliment people to make them feel good. Does it count as flirting or not is a debate for another time?



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According to Colton, this situation should not have been on TikTok but dealt with privately.

The cosplay star was hurt by his fellow cosplayer’s statement.


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