This TikTok girl is going viral for being a alter ego of Scarlett Johansson ‘with flavor’

An adolescent woman on TikTok is going viral for doppelganger to Scarlett Johansson.

As a response to people repeatedly telling her she looks like Johansson, TikTok user @k.leefox uploaded a video and people online seem to concur with her.

In the TikTok video, k.leefox showed multiple pictures of her in comparison to stills of Johansson in various movies.

Johansson has had a disputable history at first taking on roles critics say she shouldn’t be taking on. For example – a trans person or a woman of color. She charged the controversy in 2019 by saying that she should be permitted to play “any person, or any tree, or any animal,” guiding plenty to enjoy with the fact that a woman of color looked so much like Johansson.

The TikTok video of K.leefox was later reposted to Twitter, where it went super viral.

“Scarjo finally reached her goal and became a woc,” one Twitter user commented.

Another user commented that k.leefox was basically Johansson–but “with flavor” (and “spice,” as another user commented).

“he’s who Scarlet Johansson thinks she is…iykyk,” Twitter user @xheirjordanx wrote.

K.leefox has been noticed a lot on social media after her TikTok went viral and she started answering fans’ questions and comments on Twitter.

TikTok users have also started uploading videos by comparing themselves to the celebrities they look like and K.leefox is not the only first creator to go viral for her celebrity resemblance.

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In one recent TikTok video, k.leefox mentioned that her fans told her she also looks like actresses Stephanie Beatriz and Zita Hanrot. Hence the TikTok platform might get another lookalike video from k.leefox very soon


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