Billie Eilish Clap Backs Body Shammers in The Most Iconic Way Possible

With all fame and glory, there comes unnecessary hatred. Billie Eilish, the young artist, has subsequently changed pop music standards and isn’t afraid to speak the truth. She likes to be just like her music; raw and real. The 18-year-old ‘Bad Guy‘ singer has always slammed down body-shaming comments and continues to do so. 

The pop artist has again been criticized for her ‘real‘ body other than appreciated for her award-winning music. But the grammy winner isn’t someone who deals with the hatred quietly. Every time the internet has thrown harsh comments on her, she claps back with the strongest comebacks. 

Unique Style Statement

You may have always seen Billie in baggy, oversized clothes. Other than that being her OG style, there is one more deep reason attached to it. In 2019 she confessed,

What I like about just dressing like I’m 800 sizes bigger than I am is it allows nobody to judge what your body looks like.

There is no doubt that a single negative body-related comment on the internet even influences big stars like Billie. 

Body Shamers

But this trolling and series of body shamming reached a new low when an adult man shared a paparazzi picture of the artist on Twitter. In that picture, Billie was captured wearing a tight tank top and shorts. It was different for viewers to see their favorite singer wearing a different style other than her usual covered up baggy clothes. Honestly, It’s a typical picture of a teenage girl going for a quick grocery run or coffee, but the toxic world of the internet made a huge deal of it, again.

The Twitter was triggered when the man tweeted along with the controversial picture, “In 10 months Billie Eilish has developed a mid-30’s wine mom body.” 

It looks like just one ignorant comment, and Twitter clapped back and how! And again, Billie went viral, but this time for something positive.

Hundreds and thousands of her fans tweeted in her favor saying it’s high time we shut down these body shammers. “She’s healthy and beautiful. That’s all that matters,wrote @xenacanthida, while @MRapoula commented, “Can’t believe people still post shit like this like it’s funny or relevant or acceptable. Shame on you. She’s a brilliant artist and incredibly talented 18 YEAR OLD.” 

But everyone was waiting for the Queen-bee’s comeback, and hell yeah, it was iconic like every time. Billie’s response to the toxic comments on her body was duplex. First, she shared a video of an influencer Chizi Duru in which the TikToker is stating facts and saying, “Y’all gonna start normalizing your bodies, alright? Guts are normal! They’re normal. Boobs sag, especially after breastfeeding. Instagram isn’t real! and we couldn’t agree any less.

And second, mid-November, month after the tweet, she dropped her new hit single ‘Therefore I am‘ in the music video, we see her roaming carelessly in an empty mall eating whatever she wants. The song perfectly demonstrates her thoughts that she doesn’t care what people think of her and the opinions which matter are only of hers. 

We know of Billie that she will continue to be the badass goddess she is and slap all her haters in the most iconic way.


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