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René Auberjonois, the productive on-screen character most popular for his jobs on the TV programs Benson and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and his part in the 1970 film M*A*S*H playing Father Mulcahy, has kicked the bucket. He was 79. The on-screen character passed on Sunday at his home in Los Angeles of metastatic lung disease, his child, Remy Auberjonois, told the Associated Press. Auberjonois worked always as a character entertainer in a few brilliant ages, from the dynamic performance center of the 1960s to the film renaissance of the 1970s to the prime time of system TV during the 1980s and ’90s — and every age knew him for something else. 

For film enthusiasts of the 1970s, he was Father John Mulcahy, the military pastor who played straight man to the specialists’ shenanigans in M*A*S*H. It was his first critical film job and the first of a few for chief Robert Altman. For sitcom watchers of the 1980s, he was Clayton Runnymede Endicott III, the miserably highbrow head of staff at a representative’s house on Benson, the ABC arrangement whose title character was a steward played by Robert Guillaume. 

What’s more, for science fiction enthusiasts of the 1990s and show goers from that point onward, he was Odo, the shape-moving Changeling and head of room station security on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. “I am those characters, and I love that,” Auberjonois said in a 2011 meeting with the Star Trek site. “I likewise run into individuals, and they believe I’m their cousin or their laundry. I love that, as well.” 

Auberjonois was conceived in 1940 in New York, the child of Fernand Auberjonois, Swiss-brought into the world remote journalist for U.S. papers, and the grandson of a Swiss post-impressionist painter likewise named René Auberjonois. The more youthful René Auberjonois was brought up in New York, Paris and London, and for a period lived with his family in a specialists’ state in Rockland County, New York, whose occupants incorporated the entertainers John Houseman, Helen Hayes and Burgess Meredith. 


Subsequent to moving on from school at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Institute of Technology, presently Carnegie Mellon, Auberjonois jumped around the nation joining theater organizations, in the long run landing three jobs on Broadway in 1968, remembering playing the Fool for a long-running form of King Lear. 

The next year he would play Sebastian Baye inverse Katharine Hepburn in Coco, a play on the life of architect Coco Chanel that would win him a Tony for best on-screen character in a main job in a melodic. He would later observe Tony designations for 1973’s The Good Doctor, 1984’s Big River and 1989’s City of Angels.

In his most popular trade from the motion picture, Sally Kellerman’s Margaret Houlihan thinks about how such a ruffian specialist as Donald Sutherland’s Capt. Benjamin Franklin Pierce, otherwise known as “Hawkeye,” could arrive at a place of obligation in the U.S. Armed force. 

“I really made that line up when we were practicing the scene,” Auberjonois said on the digital broadcast The Gist in 2016. “What’s more, it turned into a sort of a notable line for the entire film.” That year he played an off-the-divider ornithologist in Altman’s Brewster McCloud, played a saloonkeeper close by Warren Beatty in the chief’s Western McCabe and Mrs. Mill operator in 1971 and showed up in Altman’s Images in 1972. 

Auberjonois spent a significant part of the remainder of the 1970s doing visitor spots on TV appears before joining the cast of Benson in its second season in 1980, where he would stay for the remainder of the show’s seven seasons, playing the patrician political counselor and incessant neurotic Endicott. A lot of his later profession was spent doing voices for movement, most notably as the French gourmet specialist who sings the affection melody to angle slaughtering Les “Poissons” in Disney’s 1989 The Little Mermaid. 

Auberjonois played Odo on Deep Space Nine from 1993-1998 and turned into a standard at Star Trek shows, where he fund-raised for Doctors Without Borders and marked signatures with a drawing of Odo’s basin, where the character would store himself when he came back to his common thick state. 

Auberjonois was likewise a customary on the ABC law office dramedy Boston Legal from 2004-2008.

Late in his profession, Auberjonois would work with free movie producers, including the guileful executive Kelly Reichardt, for whom he showed up in 2016’s Certain Women and 2019’s First Cow, his last job. He is made due by his better half of 56 years, Judith, and their two youngsters, Tessa and Remy.


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