The Specialized Turbo Vado SL 5.0 e-bike would make your past lockdown work ride leisure

  • Specialized have added their best range electric bike Turbo Vado SL 5.0.
  • Listed below are some of the features which make it so special and stand out.
  • The new Vado SL arrives in two models: the 4.0 priced at £2,499 / $3,350 and the 5.0 costing £3,299 / $4,350.

As the craze of electric cars is all over the place how can we forget to mention electric bikes? The best of the e-bikes are in the market for us to lay hands on them. Specialized have added their best range electric bike Turbo Vado SL 5.0. It might be too heavy on pockets but it’s a flat-bar hybrid with a claimed range of up to 130km. 

The bike weighs 15kg most probably a quarter of your body weight. People have realized that his phase of corona will end and one day we will be back on the roads, this has risen up the demand for e-bikes. It will not only eliminate health risks while traveling on public transport but also cut down those carbs you enjoyed while you were stuck at home and glued on the sofa. If you are tight on budget, VanMoof S3 would be a great choice too but you could have the ultimate game change Turbo by adding an extra thousand pounds. 

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Honestly, e-bikes still haven’t earned a reputation of a normal bike and most bike bloggers don’t consider them a real bike. According to them, they are for fun and a little sweat but not for the actual commute. 

“We feel that this new ride presents the future, not only for cycling as a form of fitness but transport too,” says Specialized UK’s Symon Lewis. “This has been made increasingly evident to us all today during this pandemic, as we seek ways of traveling without the car or the use of public transport.”

Here are some of the uptown features of the Turbo Vado SL 5.0 which makes it stand out.

  1. The bike is so light in weight you could carry it up if you don’t feel like riding it. It is just 15kg which gives you perfect balance and stability.
  2. With a battery of 320wH capacity, it can give a good ride up to 80 miles when assistance is to its lowest. An optional, plug-in range extender adds up to another 65km (40 miles). 
  3. Specialized’s Mission Control app allows you to fluctuate the level of assistance offered in the three-speed modes on request. The ’Smart Control’ option would take down how far you want to take the bike for a spin and the system will automatically adjust the battery according to it.
  4. The higher-end 5.0 model comprises Specialized’s unique Future Shock 1.5 suspension system. This hunches inside and above the head tube, and protects the stem and handlebars from road buzz and impacts, making the ride experience more satisfied.
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Now coming to the price factor. The new Vado SL arrives in two models: the 4.0 priced at £2,499 / $3,350 and the 5.0 costing £3,299 / $4,350. The later ’Equipped’ version would cost you an extra £200 / $150. In the USA, the 5.0 is $4,350 (Equipped version $4,500), 4.0 $3,350 ($3,500 Equipped).

The final opinion would be, if one is looking for a promising e-bike to try and is willing to spend a good amount Vado SL 5.0 is for you. Past lockdown you might not enjoy going back to work but you would love the ride for sure.

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