‘The Next Big Thing’ Winner MC Pretty Yellow On Being Mentored By Nipsey Hussle

BET had its first-ever documentary-music competition series called ‘The Next Big Thing’. The show ended in September 2019 and saw the female MC Pretty Yellow taking home the title.

Pretty Yellow On Being Mentored By Nipsey Hussle

The Louisiana star, MC Pretty Yellow took the internet by storm by not only winning ‘The next big thing’ but also with her fiery savage style of rapping.

Pretty Yellow was mentored by the late great Nipsey Hussle.

Nipsey Hussle was killed in an open fire outside one of his clothing store priori to when the show began shooting.

Pretty yellow spoke to Atlanta Black Star about how influential Nipsey Hussle was in her life and how he helped her become the star she is today. She said “It was dope. We vibed out. He tells me that less is more when it comes to making my music. We already established that I know how to rap. You just gotta have certain things that is gonna stick to your people. It was just a vibe all the way through.”

Pretty Yellow And Her Pregnancy

On March 31st, 2010, Pretty Yellow gave birth to a baby girl and since her mentor, Nipsey Hussle had passed right before the birth of her daughter, she wrote down a note and placed it next to her hospital bed

She said that she learned about her mentor’s death when she was in the hospital and expressed herself by saying, “He passed right before my daughter was born, the same day. So it was just crazy. Crazy day,

The EP And Upcoming Projects

Pretty Yellow after her win, began recording and networking and building her fan base and she took the internet by storm with the release of her EP ‘Up Shit’ that Is out on all music streaming platforms

The EP has many catchy songs and MC Pretty Yellow has stuck to her roots from her mentor and her savage lyrical style.

The EP has gone on to create a hype for what the artist has in store for the future.

She also announced that she’s working on a new album. However, no details have been disclosed yet.

I guess we need to wait and see what this young talented rapper has in store for us as she is most definitely The Next Bing thing in the industry.

But for now, for all the updates about her album and other future projects you can follow her Instagram page @prettyyellow


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