The new Google Pixel 4: The new generation

It's not just about being ' Smart' anymore

Google will be releasing its newest addition to the Pixel series worldwide, on the 24th of October, including the U.S., U.K., and Australia.

There are seven colours available- namely ‘Maybe Pink’, ‘Sky Blue’,’Really Yellow’, ‘Slightly Green’, ‘Clearly White’, ‘Just Black’, and ‘Oh So Orange’, with a similar matte black band for all. Google claims that its new phone is not only ‘smart’ but is also thoughtful.

Even though tech giants around the world like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Motorola among the others, have introduced the feature of three cameras- Main, Telephoto, and Wide-angle, in their phones, Google Pixel 4 only has two- Primary and the 2x telephoto. The cameras along with the flash are encased in a black square box on the the top-left of the glass back. Though, these cameras add support to the astrophotography in Night Sight, Live HDR+ video recording, and better details for portrait mode.

The Live Transcribe feature built into the Pixel 4’s Recorder app, parsing conversations for little nuggets of info, is highly efficient unlike those in other phones. It can accurately transcribe words even in very noisy rooms. The phone has a pretty dope feature- the new Motion Sensor Gesture Recognition which basically is a tiny chip, called Soli, which with the help of radar, tracks and detects nearby objects, hence, sensing the hand gestures.

With a gesture as simple as a swipe, you can tell the phone to skip to the next song while listening to a playlist. What’s more interesting is, if you leave the phone on your table, and walk more than 0.6 meters ( Soli’s range) away from it, the screen will automatically lock itself. This feature saves a lot of battery and also prevents its unnecessary wastage.

Though, the battery life of the Pixel 4 is 2,800 mAh, while Pixel 3 had 2,915 mAh battery, Google assures that the battery will last a whole day. And for its heavy and power users, they have a much better choice of picking the Pixel 4 XL which has a longer battery life. But, for a person who prefers a small, powerful, and long-lasting device, there is really no option.

The Google Pixel 4 has surely set its standards high with all the new and exciting features that it has to offer including the improved Camera Quality, the Motion Sensing Gesture Recognition technology, the vibrant colors and the various different embedded facilities. It has really upped it’s game with coming up with a generation of phone series which is not just about being ‘Smart’ but also thoughtful.


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