The Galaxy Fold – Go for it!

When was the last time a smartphone captured your attention? Quite frankly, I cannot remember a phone that had everyone in office genuinely excited about a phone that had landed on our desk for a thorough review. Yes, there is always the flutter of activity when a new Apple iPhone or a new OnePlus phone launches, for instance, but nothing quite like this. Everyone was excited to know what it is, how it works and what’s the big deal about the folding bit. Yes, we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the phone that didn’t have the most auspicious of starts. Good then on Samsung’s part to go back to the drawing board and try to fix whatever niggles there were, in what is still a first-generation foldable phone. Perhaps a version 1.1 if you may, but this is very early in the era of foldable phones. Niggles will be apparent, and a lot will change in the coming years. But you will truly enjoy the here and now too.

Whether it is a true success or not, only father time will provide any guidance. The Galaxy Fold will cost you Rs 1,64,999 and what you’ll get with that is the premium delivery and service experience. Samsung is bundling the Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds with the Galaxy Fold, which is a great value addition, in my opinion.

You have two color options to choose from—Cosmos Black and Space Silver. They both look gorgeous, so your pick and preference in terms of what you finally splash the cash for.

This will be subjective and different for people, but it may take time to get used to the Galaxy Fold. Muscle memory needs to be trained, and you need to be attentive. It’s large when unfolded and thick when folded. That is compromise for the mix of two worlds in one device—a phone and a tablet. And flaunt value like no other.

Samsung is bringing only one variant in India at the moment—12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. Do we even need to get into the specifics of how fast this phone is to use? The one trick that Samsung perhaps missed with the One UI wrapper around Android is that it feels the same as the on most other Samsung Galaxy phones. Perhaps something more unique, or a few more tweaks exclusive to the Galaxy Fold would have made those who buy this phone feel a tad more special.

There are dual batteries inside the Galaxy Fold, primarily because of the requirement to keep them thin. When one finishes and the other starts working, you don’t need to be bothered with that. As a user, you need to know that there is the combined power of 4,380mAh battery capacity powering the Galaxy Fold. This will easily last two days on a single battery charge in most usage scenarios.

For all specs of the Galaxy Fold visit Gsmarena.


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