The Flash Season 7: With some heroes joining, how will the series be different? [Spoiler Alert!]

Much is in regular at The Flash, all of it created of this pandemic pressing pause production. But what could that delay mean for Season 7’s newest “graphic novel” arcs?

The Flash Season 7 isn’t coming until next year but predictions and spoilers reveal that fans should watch out for its arrival. And the most awaited villain may finally reveal its true self.

The Flash Theory: Iris West Will Be a Season 7 Villain

In an interview with TVLine, The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace teased that fans may finally see the real villain that has been introduced in the show for quite some time already.

That villain is the white-and-gold clad Godspeed. Also known as Detective August Heart, the villain is a Metahuman Speedsters.

He first appeared during Season 5 in 2049 when Barry and Iris’ daughter Nora defeated him with the help of Eobard Thawne, also known as Reverse-Flash.

Some fans predict that the Speedforce may return. They also know that Cisco is going to Atlantis to get the perpetual motion machine, to hopefully be the component they need to make a successful Speedforce machine.

Failure of this will lead to the storyline of how Barry is not only a user of the Speedforce but the “generator/creator” of the Speedforce. This is an often-used point in the comics and some fans think this is a solid way the showrunners can bring this concept into the Arrowverse.

Season 7 is set to develop some key differences for Team Flash. Iris and Caitlin are expected to return once Iris is rescued and Caitlin is healed, but they won’t be available for at least part of the Season.

Chester P.Runk officially joined the team in a Season 6 episode, but he hasn’t been an active member yet. He’s only assisted them in two episodes, but that’s been an active member yet. But that’s sure to change next year, considering McKnight has been upped to series regular.

Will Season 7 finally show the real Godspeed?

When asked if the pending question, Wallace only gave a coy answer. “Yes, you just might…,” he told TVLine. “Because that’s where we’re going!”

His answer is still not a definitive one but considering how long Godspeed has been teased already, Season 7 might just be the one.

It’s not mentioned who specifically this “threat” will be but it’s revealed that Season 7 will continue to pursue the new Mirror Master who is still at-large in Central City.

Metta-attorney Cecile Horton, though cub reporter Allegra Garcia and tech-nerd Chester P.Runk will also be in the team to finally defeat Mirror Master.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Flash Season 7.


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