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With the awards season around the corner, Golden Globes have announced their nominees today, and Screen Guild Awards is set to declare their nominees this week. 

Amongst this clutter, the teams of movies that were released earlier this year are hoping that they are not forgotten and a veil does not fall upon them due to the new movies stealing the spotlight. While the teams of newly released films are wishing that they don’t get side-lined amongst the plethora of films, and get recognized by critics.

Movies that were warmly received by the audience earlier like Hustlers and The Farewell are competing against newly released films like Waves and Marriage Story.

Filmmakers and the teams of various movies are trying to keep their movies in the minds of the people and the critics using numerous strategies. For example, Lorene Scafaria who is the director of Hustlers told everyone that the movie is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. She also considers Hustlers as a Christmas movie, and is hoping that people watch it in the light of the holiday season. Additionally, she mentioned that she was humbled by the validating and meaningful response to the film as it was a difficult journey for her team and her. 

Directors and teams of small films with a limited budget which gained quite an appreciation like The Lighthouse and The Farewell are sometimes intimidated by the big promotions of other movies but when they received popular acclaim and response, they think that their film has got a life. These directors and actors think that their respective films have done exceedingly well and gone far above their expectations as they were a low budget with not so popular actors. And with all this, they have also received some awards. 

According to THR Elisabeth Moss who starred in Her Smell went on to say that she wants to give anyone who’s seen her movie an award because the movie is so intense and is a tough watch. She said that the way critics responded and the award recognitions that the movie received are already above what they dreamt of. She told THR that the fact that the movie had a life after its release in April, and that people are still talking about it was more than enough to exceed their level of expectation. In conclusion, she thinks they really made a good movie and people don’t forget good movies that easily.


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