The 2020 Mini cooper SE electric car: First Drive Review

All-electric 2020 Mini-cooper SE, is fully loaded with premium features like Apple CarPlay, Active Driving Assistant, and heated front seats for $29,900 or less after potential tax credits. Who knew sustainable driving could be so much fun.

Like any electric car, the Cooper SE whizzes around like it was born at altitude. The 181-horsepower (135-kW) motor powering the front wheels with just a single-speed transmission shoots the Mini across intersections in a yellow-tinged blur. The SE’s performance shoots somewhere between the base Cooper and Cooper S; 0-60 mph in the all-electric version takes 6.9 seconds compared to the Cooper’s 7.5 and Cooper S’s 6.5 seconds.

But it seems Cooper didn’t put much attention to its customer’s comfort. In a review, a driver mentioned that After nearly three hours behind the wheel of the all-electric 2020 Mini SE, their back ached for anything that resembled comfortable.

Though there aren’t many qualities like other EVs in the market, there are definitely other redeeming qualities to the Cooper SE. It has a fast battery charging system. It can charge to 80% in about 35 minutes.

Surely, there are other qualities too in Cooper SE. 

At $30,750 to start, including destination but before any applicable state or federal tax incentives, the 2020 Mini Cooper SE needs tax breaks to come into view. In Colorado, they have one of the most aggressive incentives available in the U.S.: $4,000, and it’s on the hood. Paired with up to $7,500 back from the feds, that puts a 2020 Cooper SE below $20,000 to start. 

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This car is basically based on fun, other electric cars are more centric toward efficiency- energy efficiency and efficiency with space.

Its the manual transmission is a prerequisite for fun and the Mini’s single-speed, Torquay electric motor is a proof.

We weren’t ready for the idea that an electric car doesn’t need to be brute-force efficient in everything it does. The Mini Cooper SE is what a fun-first electric car could be in the future.

It’s the freedom to choose something affordable and fun to drive with a plug that is definitely not anything that we expect so quickly.


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