“That Was One of My Proudest Moments”, exclaims Cynthia Bailey about her daughter.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta mon opened up about her daughter coming out as sexually fluid last year.

During a recent chat with Justin Sylvester for Bravo, Cynthia Bailey spoke about her daughter Noelle Robinson, coming out as bisexual on an episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

‘RHOA’ star Cynthia Bailey Exclusively reveals why it was so ‘powerful’ when her daughter Noelle Robinson came out as sexually fluid.

Cynthia Bailey, 53, shared her proudest moment, when her daughter Noelle Robinson,20, came out to her mom on TV.

It was an honest moment and as a parent, you never know what that moment’s going to look like or where it’s going to be,” Cynthia told Hollywood Life exclusively on June 25.

Noelle told her mother she was sexually fluid during a car ride so it might have seemed intimate and personal but at the same time, since it went on to air for the whole world to see, it was anything but!

Source: Instagram

Noelle stressed that, in spite of how scary that might seem, she definitely did not have regrets.

Since the episode was shot long before the public got to see it, as a result of this, it gave the mother-daughter duo time to arrange for social media haters they knew would display up to pass judgement on.

Cynthia knew it wouldn’t be simple to observe her daughter get attacked online, so she had a plan in position for herself to assist cope. She told Noelle to take a little social media break as well.

Noelle recalled how she kind of mentally prepared herself for the worst in terms of the hate comments.

Noelle has been observed at the display for 10 seasons now, she’s obviously relaxed across the cameras. After popping out as bisexual right through an off-the-cuff automotive journey together with her mother.

She actually did get an outpour of positivity, for the most part, she was happy. She was pretty happy and definitely found out about a great thing called a filter. She is happy in real life and doesn’t care what people think anymore.

Noelle and girlfriend Alexis Powell seem to be serious in their relationship. “My new apartment is just mine,” said Noelle. Her partner has her own apartment as well. They both will be living in the same area but will have their own apartments and live separately. Noelle did get a lot of love but she did get some hate that she had to deal with. Not everyone is for gay rights. Everyone’s not for gay people, so she did get some of that hate which was tough. Though she got through it.


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