Tana Mongeau opens up about her experience filming season 2 of her MTV show

  •  Tana Mongeau opens up about her experience filming No Filter.
  • She makes a video talking about her tough period fighting against depression right after her divorce.
  • She also calls out MTV for editing the show in a way where she comes out as a bad person.

Tana Mongeau has been going through a lot and has opened up about her experience with the shooting of the season 2 of her MTV show. Looking back on the incidents she had to go through and the reaction she got, nothing really worked out for her.

Tana has gone through a lot this year, her divorce, the backlash from the audience after seeing her behavior around her friends. The drama has always surrounded Tana from the very start of the Tana Con. In her new video, she opened up about her experience shooting the season 2 of her MTV show titled ‘No Filter’. The show has been received with mixed emotions by the audience. Some who have loved Tana for a very long time and have stayed loyal to her have supported and justified her actions and the show whereas others have just not accepted anything after her Asthma episode.

The episode covers how she had been suffering not being able to breathe properly for a long time and after a persistent request by her manager, she was forced to go see a doctor where she was diagnosed with Asthma. She was pulled down by the viewers because of insensitively she reacted to the news. Taking her diagnosis lightly, her friends were happy that she would not be stopping smoking and drinking, forgetting that during the pandemic, Asthma patients have higher chances of getting the virus.

She came out with a video talking about her feelings and clarifying her behavior on the show and how MTV edited the show in a way where she came out as a bad character. She also opened about her struggles with addiction, depression, and physical health in a YouTube tell-all on March 20.

The show was filmed right after her divorce with Jake Paul and the period was hard for her, she couldn’t cry properly and go through the sad stage after the break up to come clean with oneself, she immediately had to cover everything on the show and never got the closure with that stage. 

“I said that the only way I could stomach filming this season is if it’s brutally honest, which now I just hate saying out loud,” she said. “If me struggling physically and mentally is filmed, I’m fine showing that to the world if there’s a message behind it.

“I sat down with MTV and had these conversations, and we all kind of came to the conclusion that that’s what Season 2 would be about. It would be about the journey of me to better myself mentally and physically.”


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