Tana Mongeau Fans are calling her ‘rude’ and ‘entitled’

Tana Mongeau has again hit the bottom with her followers, the youtube celebrity is known for her storytime videos which often sidetrack from the main plot and cover the untrue territory. This time on one of her episodes on “MTV no filter” Tana went to see her pulmonologist after constantly being told to do so by her manager. She had been constantly coughing blood for months now and finally was diagnosed with being asthmatic after her visit to the doctor. 

Tana Mongeau was anxiously meeting a doctor due to her childhood experiences, her parents would visit different doctors every tie as they couldn’t afford to pay the doctors. Even in the show it could be seen how stressed the celebrity was but it still didn’t justify the use of vape to the viewers and ultimately led to a coughing fit. 

The fans were taken aback by her and her friends’ reaction and attitude towards the news, they were behaving in a way where the situation was supposed to be trivial and the fans did not like it. The viewers took it upon themselves to shame them and calling out her friends for their actions.

Not only were her friends looked down upon but also her, the viewers used terms such as “entitled”, “spoiled” and “rude” for celebrating the fact that she would not have to stop smoking weed even if the diagnosis says so. The problem that comes with this is just not about Asthma, which is treatable but also puts her n higher risk with the pandemic COVID-19 virus. 

The manager has been commended online to put up with Tana as she was no less than a drama queen in the medical office, she continuously complained about the steps doctor was taking to diagnose her and kept chanting that she wanted to leave. The manager showed her disappointment and told her to stick up to the procedure or she will end up getting “beyond mad”. She has been asked to visit the doctor again in 10 days but she outrightly refused and made fun that Asthma means getting a clean state for health. A lot of studies have stated that Asthma patients have a higher chance of getting the virus and proper care should be taken to prevent it. Thousands of people have already lost their lives to this pandemic and laughing on the nearest possibility of getting it is disrespectful to the lives lost.

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