Tana Mongeau Calls Out MTV Over Editing on Her Reality Show

Tana Mongeau can never escape a controversy, this time the MTV show dragged her image down by editing the new episode in such a way that it shows her inconsiderate towards Trevor Moran’s relapse and struggle with alcohol abuse.

On March 23, when the show aired Tana was a lot more than angry, the past year has been the most successful and drama inclusive for her. Her short 7 months’ marriage with Jake Paul and a few days ago when she and her friends were pulled down for not taking her Asthma problem serious during the ongoing pandemic. Tana has been very open about substance abuse and alcohol addiction.

She took to twitter to address this situation, “Although I will discuss more things at length in an upcoming video- I wanna clarify one thing rn. I have cared to abut @TrevorMoran and his recovery more than anything in the world & have done EVERYTHING in my power to be there for him.”

She was disturbed after watching the show and said that she upset to see this as soon as she woke up, in reply to her clarification Trevor replied, “I know baby”.

Trevor confessed that this time he might have died because of the relapse and manipulating Tana’s words like this hurt both of them. His videos mostly revolve around his battle with his alcohol addiction, he had been two weeks sober and the relapse might have killed him, he was affected so badly that he couldn’t function without high intakes of alcohol.

Tana announced that she will be making a video soon addressing this situation and clarifying what all has not been shown, according to her a lot of hours of her talking to Trevor has been edited out. All we can do is now wait for her to clarify.


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