Tana Mongeau discloses break up details with Boyfriend Jake Paul

YouTube celebrity Tana Mongeau and her boyfriend Jake Paul put an end to 6 months of marriage. However, this was the only reason why they caught the attention of their fans. Tana took to Instagram in an emotional video explaining an end to their hasty relationship.

She also revealed in the Instagram video that she was not happy with their relationship. She also mentioned that she would spill more beans on the broken relationship in a reality series MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau. In this series, which was aired on March 9, Tana revealed that her marriage with Jake was strained due to being intertwined with their careers, and felt that her hubby didn’t have time for her due to his strict boxing schedule.

Source: Instagram

Tana was also seen to grapple with her relationship with Jake as she was seen talking to her manager about her weird nature of their relationship. While she did face a jolt in her career post marriage, she was still unhappy.

She was quoted saying “It’s very weird to be like this is the most successful I’ve ever been in my career, but that doesn’t mean it’s equivalent to happiness,”. My relationship is my business life, which sucks.”

Not only this, but she also said she felt that Jake had transformed into a different person post-wedding. “Jake’s in a very different place in life than he was when I fell for him, and I feel like he just doesn’t have time for me anymore,” she admitted. “I feel like Jake has been slowly, from the moment I met him, transforming into a different person. But now it’s like, I’m sitting here eight months in, like, I don’t even fu**ing know you anymore.”

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She also admitted that her impromptu trip to Big Bear to talk to Jake about their relationship ended up in a heated conversation which eventually resulted in the breakup.

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