SpaceX Said to be Eyeing Florida for Starship Rocket Launch

  • Starship, reusable two-stage rocket taller than Statue of Liberty.
  • It is going to launch up to 24 times a year.
  • Scrambling of space companies to heed NASA’s goal.

As we all know that Starship is a 384 foot which is nearly 117 meters long. It is reusable two-stage rocket taller than the Statue of Liberty.

It is a central piece of Musk’s interplanetary space travel ambitions as well as US space agency NASA’s goal to send humans to the moon again by 2024.

The Reports

According to the reports, the Starship rocket is probably going to launch up to 24 times a year from SpaceX’s current flagship launchpad 39A.

Although, it was not specified when it would reach that cadence. However, in September 2018, Musk mentioned that he wanted to be conducting orbital flights with Starship in two to three years.

The draft of the company’s environmental assessment said that the Launchpad 39A would support NASA’s future moon missions from the same Kennedy Space Center site used for the Apollo lunar missions a half century ago.

The Vice Presidents Says

According to the latest mention, Dale Ketcham said “they’re moving very fast”. He is the vice president of government relations acknowledged at Space Florida, the state’s commercial space development agency.

He also mentioned, “This is actually getting closer to what Elon got into this business for to begin with. This is fundamental infrastructure to get to Mars, the early stages of it.”

That clearly implies that Elon got into this business for this of course and not to forget that this is fundamental infrastructure to get to Mars.

A number of programme delays and casualty were suffered by SpaceX though, over the years on its various space endeavours. In April, one of the company’s Crew Dragon capsules exploded on a test stand, raising fresh scheduling doubts over a flagship NASA astronaut taxi programme.

So, because of those explosion , it created doubts over a flagship NASA astronaut taxi programme.

Mike Pence’s Timeline

According to the mention on Mike Pence’s timeline, dozens of US-based space companies have been scrambling to heed NASA’s goal of sending humans back to the lunar surface by 2024, it was an accelerated timeline set by Vice President.

It is being observed that Boeing is developing NASA’s colossal Space Launch System to anchor the agency’s moon to Mars Artemis programme, though it is years behind schedule.

In its draft environmental assessment , SapceX said that Starship will make return landings on the Air Force landing pad currently used for the company’s Flacon 9 boosters.

According to NASA, they plan to work with SpaceX to figure out how to land rockets on the lunar surface and develop a refueling station for deeper space exploration.


SPadre tweeted a day ago, “ South Padre Surf Co. invites you to the very first Rocket Launch Surf Camp at Isla Blanca on Monday August 12, 9-12:00. Starhopper’s 200 meter flight window opens afterward at 2pm.”


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