Solar rental program from Tesla: Boosts the renewable energy business

Solar rental program from Tesla

– New addition to the Tesla energy production

– Will be available to everyone of The States with two different costs

Being an automobile and energy company, Tesla has been updating its productions with newer and newer projects. Following the same, Tesla is trying something new with the customers with a new rental offering which directs towards solar power as a way to regain the amazing opportunities of its renewable energy business.

As most of the people know, Tesla is one of the largest renewable energy service providers which they started as soon as they pitched the SolarCity. Three years ago, when Tesla just got started with the SolarCity, it has seen the decline also in their market shares.

At that time Tesla has provided only 29 Megawatts power for consumers. On the other hand, the first and second in the consumer solar energy provider list, the SunRun and the Vivint Solar have provided 103 megawatts and 56 megawatts respectively.

This is a very big reason why Elon Musk takes on Twitter on Sunday morning to start up the new solar rental program.

From the reasoning of Musk, the new pitching is “like having a money printer on your roof” for consistent customers who stay in states with higher energy uses. Musk further said that buying is better for the long run but the rental skim will make them have powerful equipment with very little cost.

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At the first hand, SunRun and Vivint are having direct link-up with home builders and partnerships with home retailers such as Home Depot, BJ’s Wholesale, Costco and Sam’s Club to conquer consumers. In the same case, Tesla did the door-to-door advertisement and refused its partnership with Home Department.

Tesla has begun to depend completely on their door-to-door sell cut-off all the other means of their sells. They brought-up their ‘no-money-down lease’ model, which SolarCity had successfully executed.

Below the new system, Tesla is iterating its small installation from $65 anywhere in the States and $195 for the biggest installation. All the customers have to pay is the rent and $100 fully refundable money as safety money.

Tesla added further that the order can be canceled any time but for that, the customer has to pay $1500 once the full system is set-up in their homes.

Right now, the process is under progress and Tesla is trying to come up with newer ideas with each production. This Solar rental service that they are starting is a tender project with just the idea pitched. It is expected that with time it will go in the correct direction.

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