Sling TV is updating its TV services: Subscribers will get a free AirTV with another combo

Sling TV is coming up with new offers

From the recent press conference, Sling TV has expressed that they are adding updates to their apps. The updates will be scouting around to the Sling TV, Fire TV and Android TV apps. This is to make an addition to a new “What’s Hot” portion.

This part will show the user all the best sports and games happening right around the world of sports. Sling TV is also giving a free AirTV Mini if the subscriber prepays for 2 months of subscription on Sling TV.

Deal on AirTV mini

Presently they are making it available to all the users and subscribers of them. According to them, the new advertisement means the present is the best time like to give an upgrade to the TV experience.

Usually at $79.99 the user will get the AirTV free for two months if they are willing to pay for two months prepaid which will come at $25 per month or more. It is being considered as the optimized package for Slingers who wish big offers in a small package at an affordable cost.

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What’s Hot?

Suppose you want to know all the sports events around you and make it come to a one-stop search. This ‘What’s Hot?’ is the correct feature for you. This feature will be directing the user to all the sports events that are happening around.

This new rubric will bring all the latest sports news and talks at one place where the user will be updated on what others are watching. This will make the user stay up-to-date. Which means the user will always be with information on the most popular and important sports events. Moreover, they can watch it without having to search or leave the “Sports” screen.

Sling TV has always been working for the optimization for the customers. Now, with this AirTV combo, they brought up a new level of their services which is being cherished by everyone.

Following is a link that brings some light in this fact:

Everyone is expecting that the offers that they are making will be better for their business as well as for their customers.

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