Nick Carter Net Worth

nick carter net worth
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Nickolas Gene Carter was a singer who first rose to fame as an idol for teens. Some of his most recognised work comes from his time as a singer on the boy band, The Backstreet Boys. In 2015, he released solo projects and also made television appearances.

Nick Carter Net Worth is estimated to be $35 Million

According to, Nick Carter has an estimated net worth of approximately $35 Million for the year 2020. He has a website on his name, The backstreet boys group also introduced their own Tequila brand.

He was been appointed as an ambassador for UN for Dolphins.

Nick Carter’s son congratulates him for his successful new venture

Odin, the four-year-old boy of singer Nick Carter congratulated his dad’s achievement on the fourth season of Masked Singer. The Instagram video was uploaded by the singer’s wife and in the video, Odin says, “Congratulations, Daddy”.

On his success, Nick Carter took to social media to express his feeling, he said,

“The cherry on top of all of this was being able to do something that I could share with my kids. Seeing how excited they were to see the Croc onstage made this experience 10 times more meaningful. … I’m so lucky this is my job and happy I could bring some joy to you all during such a crazy time”

Performing being Nick Carter’s escape from a troubled childhood

Nick Carter was born on the 28th of January in 1980 in Jamestown, New York. His mother’s name is Jane Elizabeth and his father’s name was Robert Carter. The couple owned a bar called the Yankee Rebel. Nick Carter is of Welsh, Irish, German and English descent.

Nick Carter is oldest of the seven siblings. They are Bobbi, Jean, Aaron, Angel, Ginger and Kaden, out of which two siblings are from his father’s previous marriage.

Nick Carter grew up singing and acting and he underwent lessons with the vocal teacher, Marianne Prinkey. He also took dance lessons at Karl and DiMarco’s school of Theatre and Dance. He had a dysfunctional family and a rough childhood as he had endured the pain of his parents being violent with each other and also had friends who grew up to be drug addicts or ended up in prison or dead.

At the age of 12 he was a part of a winning performance in the New Original Amateur Hour in the year 1992 and realised performing was his only escape from all his problems and worries.

A rocky road to finding the perfect woman

Nick Carter was a part of various relationships. He dated Debra Lafave, Wila Ford and even Paris Hilton. However, all these relationships were not enough for him to find his one true love.  Nick Carter met his love, Lauren Michelle Ki, on the 20th of October in 2008 at his home in California. In 2013, after they dated for a while, Nick Carter proposed and the couple got married in 2014. They live happily together with both their children.


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