Morgan Wallen Net Worth

morgan wallen net worth
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The post-COVID world can get overwhelming at times. People are still only discovering the ramifications that a pandemic like this can have for each individual’s way of life.

In fact, during the initial days of the pandemic, most people rejected the idea of wearing masks, many even believed the pandemic to be a hoax. Many still do. This is why it is all the more important for people of public prominence to set an example for the masses who look up to them.

Though, it is not easy to adapt to the new way of life. Most people and organizations are still struggling and have to keep remodeling their strategies as the pandemic spreads further. Even the entertainment industry is working under strict COVID-19 regulations. Most cast and crew are expected to maintain a social bubble for everyone’s safety.

Back in October, the popular country singer Morgan Wallen was invited to make his debut on the ‘Saturday Night Live’ show. But the 27-year-old singer’s invitation was pulled back by the SNL show-runners after he was seen partying during the pandemic.

Morgan Wallen’s music career has gotten him a net worth of $1 Million

The country singer is currently attached to Big Loud Records. Wallen started taking piano and violin lessons when he was a kid. He started out by appearing on ‘The Voice’ in 2014, as part of Usher’s team. 

It was during his time at ‘The Voice’ that Wallen was introduced to Bill Ray and Paul Trust of Panacea Records. Later, the Tennessee singer signed to the label and recorded a 5 track EP “Stand Alone”.

During the recording sessions, Wallen met Dominic Frost, Mark “Taco” Annino, and Luke “Cowboy” Rice, who would later turn to become his touring band. 

He was then signed by Big Loud Records, under which Wallen relates his debut single “The Way I Talk”. It was in 2018 that Wallen released his debut album “If I Know Me”. The album reached the No.1 spot on the Top Country Albums chart in August of 2020.

Wallen makes fun of himself on his SNL debut

Morgan Wallen’s SNL invitation was canceled in October after the singer was seen breaking COVID protocols and not taking any necessary precautions. Finally, this Saturday, Wallen returned to SNL to perform some of his top tracks like “7 Summers” and “Still Goin Down”.

A viral tik-tok video that was circulating around October, showed Wallen kissing a woman and drinking in a bar surrounded by people and did not wear any masks or practicing social distancing. So the singer decided to take a dig at himself as he performed in a skit on SNL.

The skit showed Wallen playing himself, entering a pub holding beer. He was seen wearing the same outfit as in the Tik-Tok video. As he entered he shouted, “To no consequences!”.Chloe Fineman plays a woman who asks to kiss him and film it, and he agrees and responds, “only if you promise not to post it on social media.” To which the woman responds, “OK, just on TikTok, I promise.” It was nice to see the singer accepting his mistakes and taking jokes on himself like a sport.


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