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$15 Million

What is Michelle Branch’s Net Worth?

Michelle Branch is a Grammy-awarding winning American singer, songwriter, and actress who is best known for her album releases during the early 2000s. Michelle Branch has a net worth of $15 million.

She started singing at the age of three and took voice lessons at eight. For her 14th birthday she got a guitar and taught herself and wrote her first song. Her parents financed her independent album Broken Bracelet in 1998. Branch posted two songs on the Rolling Stone website in 1999 and they were noticed by the pop band Hanson and record producer Jeff Rabhan. In 2001 she signed with Maverick Records.


Michelle Jacquet DeSevren Branch was born in Sedona, Arizona, on July 2, 1983, to David and Peggy Branch. With a multicultural background, her father has Irish roots, and her mother is of Dutch-Indonesian and French descent. Branch’s maternal grandmother was a World War II Japanese internment camp survivor who later moved to Holland, where Branch’s mother was born. The family relocated to Arizona when her mother was five. Branch has a half-brother named David and a younger sister, Nicole. She discovered her singing talent at three and took voice lessons at Northern Arizona University at eight. Branch received her first guitar on her 14th birthday and wrote her first song, “Fallen,” soon after. She started high school at Sedona Red Rock but completed her education through homeschooling to concentrate on her music career. Branch also has a port-wine stain birthmark under her right eye.

Career Milestones
Branch’s music career took shape with local gigs in Sedona, supported by her parents, who also financed her independent album, “Broken Bracelet.” The album title came from a bracelet she received from pop singer Jewel through musician Steve Poltz. She gained attention by posting songs on the Rolling Stone website, leading to opening for Hanson in 2000. That year, she self-produced “Broken Bracelet” under Twin Dragon Records.

In 2001, Branch signed with Maverick Records and released “The Spirit Room,” which included hits like “Everywhere” and “All You Wanted.” The success led to a double platinum certification for the album. Branch also collaborated with Justincase and Santana, the latter producing the Grammy-winning “The Game of Love.” Her follow-up album, “Hotel Paper,” debuted at No. 2 on Billboard and earned a Platinum certification.

The Wreckers Era
In 2005, Branch formed the country duo The Wreckers with Jessica Harp, producing the hit “Leave the Pieces.” Their album “Stand Still, Look Pretty” went Gold, and the duo disbanded in 2007.

Unreleased Albums and Later Work
Branch continued to create music, including writing for other artists and contributing to soundtracks. Her album “Everything Comes and Goes” faced delays but was released as an EP in 2010. She worked on another album, “West Coast Time,” which experienced similar delays.

Recent Projects and Musical Journey
Branch signed with Verve Records in 2015, released the album “Hopeless Romantic” in 2017, and left the label later that year. She re-recorded “The Spirit Room” for its 20th anniversary and released her fourth studio album, “The Trouble with Fever,” in 2022.

Musical Style and Influences
Branch’s music is influenced by various artists from The Beatles to Fleetwood Mac. She favors a Gibson Hummingbird guitar for her performances.

Personal Life
Branch married Teddy Landau in 2004, had a child in 2005, and divorced in 2015. She later dated and had a child with Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, marrying him in 2019. The couple faced personal challenges, including a miscarriage and Branch’s brief arrest, which led to a temporary separation. They have since suspended their divorce proceedings.




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