Michael Bivins Net Worth- Details Inside

Michael Bivins Net Worth
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Michael Lamont Bivins who was born on August 10, 1968, is an American singer, rapper, manager, and producer. He was the founding member of New Edition.

When the group New Edition broke up he formed “Bell Biv DeVoe” with Ricky Bell and Ronnie DeVoe. The group is credited with being one of the pioneers of the new jack swing sound. Their debut album, Poison, peaked at number five on the Billboard 200 chart in 1990.

Michael Bivins also has some acting credits which include CSR 103.9 in the hit video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Most recently, he appeared in the basketball film Crossover as the character, Heart Attack

Michael Bivins also manages Artist Development at Making the Band 4 and is CEO and founder of Sporty Rich Enterprises record label.

Michael Bivins Net Worth is $40 million

As mentioned above, Michael was a main member of New Edition. Michael Bivins is reportedly the richest member of the group. The group formed in 1978 and released their first studio album, “Candy Girl”, in 1983. They gained popularity for hit singles such as “Candy Girl”, “Telephone Man”, and “Cool It Now”. The band split up in 1989 and didn’t reunite until 1996.

New Edition released seven studio albums from 1983 until 2004 and is credited with paving the way for pop boy bands of the ’90s, including New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys. When the band broke up, Bivins formed Bell Biv DeVoe with several others from New Edition. 

Their debut album, “Poison”, was part of the New Jack Swing movement and climbed to number five on the Billboard charts with more than four million copies sold. Not many know but he is also a remarkable songwriter.

He has been credited as a writer on several TV and movie soundtracks, including “Beverly Hills”, “90210”, “Full House”, “40 Days and 40 Nights”, “Tropic Thunder”, and “Community”. Michael Bivins has given tiny details regarding his residency in the US.

Did the New Edition break up?

New Edition is an American R&B group from the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, formed in 1978. The group reached its height of popularity in the 1980s. 

During the group’s first experience with fame in 1983, its members were Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ronnie DeVoe,e, and Ralph Tresvant. Johnny Gill joined the group in 1987 to add continued success after Brown’s departure in 1985. 

Early hits included “Candy Girl,” “Cool It Now,” and “Mr. Telephone Man”.Tresvant was the lead singer on most of the songs.

Even though the group was very popular they haven’t seen much exposure recently. Many wonder what happened to the group and many have assumed that they broke up but news about their disbandment was never announced.


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