Leslie West Net Worth

Leslie West Net Worth
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This year we indeed lost many renowned faces from all genres. The music industry was shaken to discover the demise of the lead vocalist and guitarist of the hard rock band Mountain Leslie West. He is considered an evangelist in “heavy” guitar playing with his work’s impact sloping across various types of genres be it metal or hip-hop. He was active in the music industry since 1965 and was associated with labels such as Sony, Blues Bureau International, and Lightyear.

The Guitarist was Worth Millions before death

Through his extraordinary music career, he not only earned a fortune but also successfully built an unmatched legacy. According to sources before his death, Leslie West had an estimated net worth of $3million. We don’t know what components comprise that huge figure though it’s pretty evident most of his income is through his music career.

Also, some of that value is spent on his popular equipment. West’s most prominent and promote guitar was a Gibson Les Paul Jr with P-90 pickups. He used Sunn Amplifiers, which participated in his unusual sound. Other notable instruments include a Dean Leslie West signature model and an Electra signature MPC model. In 2005, West received sponsorship from Carlsboro Amps and he also used Buddha Amplification and Marshall Amplifiers

The co-founder of ’Mississippi Queen’ dies at 75

The ”Mountain” artist was found dead on December 21 after suffering a cardiac arrest at his home near Daytona, Florida. He was rushed to a hospital but never could make it through. He was 75 years old and had many health conditions over the years. In the early 2000s, he had bladder cancer. In 2011 he had his lower right leg amputated because of complications of diabetes.

His death was confirmed by Dean Guitars. His family later confirmed that he died of a heart attack. Evan Rubinson Dean Guitars CEO shared his condolences via Twitter writing,

”With a heavy heart, we are saddened to hear about the passing of #Dean Artist and part of the Dean family, Leslie West. Legendary and one of a kind. Rest In Peace.” He also added, “To a man that I truly loved more than most — the funniest, most honest guy I’ve met.”

West will eternally be remembered as the roaring singer behind the bar band classic a cut on Mountain’s debut album Mississippi Queen. Years before Blue Oyster Cult made the cowbell a cultural joke, drummer Corky Laing of Mountain used the instrument to kick off the song. It went on to become a pin of the rock canon and has been used in countless film and television shows throughout the years. He was indeed a music icon who served incredible music for decades.


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