John Fletcher Whodini Net Worth

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John Fletcher, known by his stage name “Ecstasy” was a co-founder and member of the group, Whodini. People reported that the singer and song-writer had died at the age of 56 but no cause of death was revealed.

Questlove shared on Instagram to memorialize Fletcher, “One Love to Ecstasy of the Legendary #Whodini”. DJ Drew Carter who joined the group later, also shared, “This man was legendary and a pivotal member of one of the most legendary groups in hip hop. This is sad man”.

John Fletcher Whodini Net Worth is estimated to be $900K

According to, Fletcher had a net worth of $900,000. Based in Brooklyn, Whodini released a total of six studio albums, delivering 14 charting singles, including “One Love”, “The Haunted House of Rock,” and more, with the 1984 Billboard Hot 100 smashing crossover hit “Friends.” Their album, “Magic’s Wand,” was credited with being the first hip-hop song with a music video, a tribute to New York DJ, Mr. Magic.

As contemporaries of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, and Kurtis Blow, Whodini were among the commercial pioneers of rap music. Mates, Freaks Come Out at Night, Magic’s Wand and The Haunted House of Rock were amongst their hit songs. One platinum and two gold albums were won by the group.

John Fletcher Whodini dies at the age of 56

Fletcher was a beloved man, Deltonia’s life partner and Carla’s ex-husband, Joseph’s twin brother, the Legendary Jalil of Whodini’s artist, friend, and lifetime performing partner. Tributes on social media poured in for Fletcher.

Public Enemy’s Chuck D wrote,

“I tended to be nervous, looking at 15,000 fans in front of me every night. There were two MCS that directly mentored my calm that summer. One was Doug E. Fresh and the other was Ecstacy of Whodini. Always there to reassure with advice and tips.”

With Escape, which included Freaks Coming Out at Night and Friends, the latter one of the most sampled songs in hip-hop, the major commercial breakthrough came. With Run-spectacular DMC’s “Raising Hell Tour,” one of the biggest music events of that year that included LL Cool J and the Beastie Boys as well, Whodini went on the road.

Whodini became part of the old school and was forced down the food chain as new trends appeared in hip-hop. Their final album arrived in 1996, but at reunion shows, the group continued to perform. In 2007 and at the Black Music Honors in 2018, where they won the Hip-Hop Icon Award, Whodini was honoured by VH1’s Hip Hop Honors.

“My God, this one hurts me so bad, I can’t even believe I’m posting this,” Jermaine Dupri shared a video of a young Ecstasy. “Ex you know I love you thank you for every word, every conversation every good time, may your soul Rest In Power.”


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