Jeremih Net Worth

jeremih net worth
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One thing we know for sure about this R&B rapper is nothing can stop him, not even COVID-19! Jeremih is an American singer-songwriter belonging to the streets of Chicago. He is also a producer and best known for breaking the billboard charts by releasing remarkable music. His debut song “Birthday Sex” earned a No. 4 ratings on the billboard chart 100. 

Jeremih has been in the music industry for a decade now with a success rate that is among the clouds. It is interesting to know how much does he make through his music career and how did he make it.

Jeremih Net Worth is approximately $2million

Every time we danced to Jeremih’s music he earned thousands of dollars. Though most of his earnings come from his record-breaking singing career he is also a producer and songwriter which aids to the earnings.

According to the latest updates he is estimated to have a net worth of $2million.

The perfect explanation for his fame and fortune is his on spot albums and singles we cannot stop jamming to.

Hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19.

With each passing day, the fear of covid-19 might lessen as we adjust towards the new normal but we cannot take it for granted. Fans were heartbroken when Jeremih tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The Grammy winner was admitted into the hospital once his condition worsened and currently is being treated in the ICU. 

Looking at the sensitivity of the situation and the fact that the virus has already taken many legendary artists from us this year, not only Jeremih’s fans but also many renowned names of the industry and his rapper friends are praying for his health and asking others to do the same. rappers like Big Sean and 50 Cent are displaying their love and support for Jeremih through Twitter.  

While sharing a photo with Jeremih, 50 Cent tweeted,

Pray for my boy Jeremih he’s not doing good this covid shit is real.” 

Following that this Saturday Chance the Rapper tweeted as well while asking others to pray for the rapper. He wrote

He is like a brother to me and he’s ill right now,

Chance the Rapper tweeted Saturday. “I believe in the healing power of Jesus so if you can for me please please say a prayer over him.” 

Other artists involved in this series of tweeting for Jeremih’s health include Toni Braxton, Metro Boomin, Fat Joe

Honestly, it’s heartwarming to see rappers coming together when one of their kind is in need and is in crisis. In the end all we have is each other’s back and the only way to fight against this pandemic is to fight together. 

Watch 50 Cent Provides an Update on Jeremih’s Condition


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