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$1 Million

What is Jango Edwards’ Net Worth?

Jango Edwards is an American clown and entertainer who has a net worth of $1 million dollars. Jango was born Stanley Ted Edwards in Detroit, Michigan in April 1950. He has spent most of his career overseas in Europe, namely France, Spain, England, and the Netherlands. Jango is known for hi one man shows in the European cabaret tradition. He traveled to Europe three times and gave up his posse ions back home to move to Europe and study comedy and the art of the clown. Edwards became a street performer and formed traveling comedy groups in London. In 1975 he started organizing and performing at the International festival of Fools in Amsterdam.

He has also organized and ran clown workshops. Edwards appeared on the Austrian comedy series Tohuwabohu in the 1990s. He released the DVD Jango Edwards: The Best of Jango in 2004. Jango has released four audio albums. He opened the Nouveau Clown Institute in Granollers in 2009, becoming the first training center specializing in clowning. He has appeared in the films Tango Through Germany, Loveable Zanies II, Gemini – The Twin Stars, All Men Are Mortal, and Blindspot.


Stanley Ted Edwards, known by his stage name Jango Edwards, was a celebrated American clown and entertainer whose career flourished primarily in Europe, notably in countries like France, Spain, the Netherlands, and England. Edwards was renowned for his one-man shows, rooted in the European cabaret tradition, where he seamlessly blended traditional clowning with countercultural and political themes, amassing a dedicated following throughout his extensive touring career.

Early Life and Radical Awakening:
Born on April 15, 1950, in Detroit, Michigan, Stanley Ted Edwards had a rather unconventional journey to becoming Jango Edwards. His family ran a successful landscaping business, but during the late 1960s, he found himself deeply engrossed in radical politics, philosophy, religion, and esoteric sciences. This period of self-discovery led him to embark on three separate trips to Europe, where he ultimately decided to relinquish his possessions in the United States and set out to explore the art of comedy and clowning.

The Clown’s Odyssey:
Upon arriving in Europe, Edwards immersed himself in the vibrant street performance scene. He became a busker in London and formed traveling comedy groups, honing his comedic skills and cultivating his unique style. His journey reached a significant milestone in 1975 when he became a central figure in organizing and performing at the “International Festival of Fools” in Amsterdam, a citywide celebration of alternative comedy and clown acts.

European Success:
Jango Edwards rapidly garnered a devoted fan base in the Netherlands, with enthusiastic audiences flocking to his shows for many years. He also established a strong following in Germany. Throughout the 1980s, Edwards spent a substantial portion of his time in France, where his distinctive style of performance resonated deeply with audiences. He enjoyed regular performances at a small theater in the Pigalle district of Paris. In more recent years, he made his home base in Barcelona.

Media Appearances:
Between 1990 and 1998, Jango Edwards made several appearances on an Austrian comedy TV series called “Tohuwabohu,” expanding his reach to television audiences.

Recordings and Publications:
Edwards left a lasting legacy through various recordings and publications. He released a DVD compilation of live performances in 2004 titled “Jango Edwards: The Best of Jango.” Additionally, he recorded four audio albums, including “Live at the Melkweg” (1978), “Clown Power” (1980), “Live in Europe” (1980), and “Holey Moley” (1991). He also authored two books: “Jango Edwards” (written in English with a German cover) and “I Laugh You” (Rostrum Haarlem, 1984). Notably, the “Clown Power” album was limited to just 3000 copies, each featuring a different album cover.

Legacy and Training Center:
In 2009, Jango Edwards launched the “Nouveau Clown Institute” (NCI) in Granollers, Barcelona, serving as a specialized training center for aspiring clowns. Remarkably, NCI operated independently without government or private funding, a testament to Edwards’ commitment to the world of clowning and passing on his knowledge to future generations.

Final Bow:
Tragically, Jango Edwards passed away in Barcelona on August 4, 2023, at the age of 73, leaving behind a profound and enduring legacy in the world of clowning and comedy.

Jango Edwards’ unique blend of humor, satire, and social commentary made him a beloved figure in European entertainment, and his contributions to the art of clowning continue to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.


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