Hillary Scott Net Worth

Hillary Scott Net Worth
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If you’re into country music, you must become across the gorgeous face of Hillary Scott. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, in April 1986, Scott is an American singer and songwriter and popularly known as the co-lead singer of Lady Antebellum, which is an infamous country music group.

Hillary Scott’s net worth is $25 million!

Hillary has managed to earn a hefty fortune, all thanks to her nerve-smacking music. According to sources like CelebrityNetWorth, she is estimated to have a net worth of $25 million at present.

She has been in the music industry for more than a decade now. Her experience and bank account make her one of the richest country musicians in the industry. Her accurate salary has not been disclosed yet though we are pretty sure it’s no less than millions. Her collaborations with big names and successful career is a perfect explanation for her increasing wealth. 

Why grammy-winning Lady-A decided to change its name.

Recently Hillary, Dave Haywood, and Charles Kelly opened up about the name change of the group Lady Antebellum now known as Lady A. All three group members appeared on The Tamron Hall Show on Monday (December 21) and they discussed the name change, six months after they decided to do it. The shift from’ Antebellum to’ A was explained briefly by the grammy-winning group.

 Scott revealed how they faced criticism while opening-up about the big change. She added, 

The heart of our decision still rings true today as much as it did back in June when we made this announcement,” She continued: “I mean we want our music, and our live shows and, you know, anything that we’re a part of, for everyone to feel welcome and invited. And we realized, you know, over the summer, I think not touring and watching just this movement happen that is so needed in this country and around the world, we started to see what our part was, what part of our first steps and making a difference could be.

It was in June when the group officially made an announcement on Twitter about the name change to Lady A. At the time, the members said that the decision came “after much personal reflection and conversations with “closest black friends” as Antebellum refers to a period, “which includes slavery.

Following the virtual interview, Scott’s groupmate Haywood threw truth bombs explaining the real reason and the choice of the new name. He said,

I think the experience began with so many conversations with friends of color. We employ several Black people, we spoke to a lot of Black people, in and out of the industry. And our goal was to find out the heart behind what ‘Antebellum’ could bring up for some, and unanimously, it brought up hardship.

Later in the virtual interview, the group members were confronted with the fact that they are apologetic and ashamed for not contemplating the word’s associations with issues like slavery. They expanded that their eyes had been opened to “blindspots we didn’t even know existed” and “the injustices, inequality, and biases black women and men have always faced.” 


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