Grace VanderWaal Net Worth

grace vanderWaal net worth
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Mental health is a rapidly growing epidemic of the 21st century. While the previous generations struggled with wars and famine, people today have been consumed by mental health issues. Most times there is a past trauma that triggers mental health issues.

From high school teenagers to celebrities, almost everyone today is struggling with mental health issues like anxiety, paranoia, etc. Recently winner of America’s Got Talent, singer Grace VanderWaal opened up about her struggles with mental health battles. 

The 16-year-old singer shared a video on Instagram in her new shaved head look. Grace has done so in an effort to reset her healing. The video was later deleted. She wrote on her Instagram,

“I’m sitting in a shower… but I’ve felt a release lately. I feel like I’m finally coping with years of resentment and mental battles.”

What is Grace VanderWaal’s Net Worth?

Born in Kansas City, Grace is one of the richest America’s Got Talent’ contestants of all time. According to websites like and, Grace VanderWaal has a net worth of a little over $2 Million.

The American singer-songwriter is known for her distinctive vocals, often accompanying herself on the ukulele. Grace’s first EP, ‘Perfectly Imperfect’, was released under Columbia Records in 2016. She has also performed at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Madison Square Garden, the opening and closing of the 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games, and many more.

She made her acting debut with the Disney+ musical drama film Stargirl in 2020. The singer was just 12 years old when she won America’s Got Talent in 2016, making her the youngest winner ever. According to, Grace Vanderwaal has an annual income of $343,333.

A future filled with ‘hope’ and ‘motivation’

The 16-year-old singer won the hearts of the nation when she appeared on America’s Got Talent. Since then Grace VanderWaal has matured quite a lot. Her new shaved head look left her fans buzzing and surprised. 

Though she is very comfortable and happy with her new look, her fans are concerned as it very much resembles Brittany Spears’s look and is praying for the recovery of the singer’s mental health. According to Talent Recap, the singer wrote,

“I feel like I’m ready to better myself and actually help myself. I’m ready to not be angry anymore. And some things I’m not ready to forgive and heal. Some things I want to still hurt and be angry at and that’s okay. Something light put its hand on me recently.”


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