Garth Brooks Net Worth

Garth Brooks Net Worth
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You must’ve come across this soulful voice of Garth Brooks. He is an American singer and song originally from Tusla, Oklahoma. He is legitimately the king of country music and has had six certified diamond albums one cannot miss. He has outdone the mainstream pop arena by delivering some record-breaking country music and live performances. Let’s find out how much he is really worth.

Garth Brooks Net Worth is $400million!

Garth is considered one of the top American musicians and the father of country music. Through her career in music and performing live he has managed to earn an impressive fortune. Looking at his talent one could easily access that he is worth almost half a billion.

As of 2020 and according to sources like Celebrity Net Worth, Garth is estimated to have a remarkable net worth of $400 million. Though we need to mention “that is a combined net worth with his wife, fellow country singer Trisha Yearwood. The vast majority of the couple’s net worth ($300 – $350 million) is attributable to Garth.” As per reports, he is one of the best selling solo album artists in the United States. He has a record of selling 148 million domestic units that makes him ahead of Elvis Presley and very close to The ultimate The Beatles. Most of his earnings are through his music and collaborations and his concerts. 

Soon Garth would be seen performing at the White House

The Country Music legend Garth Brooks would soon be captured performing for the Democrats at President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ inauguration which is going to be held recently on Jan 20. On Monday, the inaugural committee verified Brook’s performance. This was a proud moment for Brooks and his fans for such an esteem opportunity. Brooks said in a statement,

This is a great day in our household, this is not a political statement, this is a statement of unity,” He continued  “This is history, and it is an honour to get to serve.”

He is said to join Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez as a performer at the swearing-in ceremony. Brooks has kept confidential with the piece he would be performing at the event though revealing that it would have a patriotic gesture. “We Shall Be Free. We were lucky enough to sing ‘We Shall Be Free’ at the Obama inauguration (in 2009), so I don’t think we’ll do that again here.” He added, “I think I’ll be performing by myself. We’ll be doing more of the broken-down, bare-bones stuff.”

Brooks has performed for many notable names in his career. He has performed for every president since Jimmy Carter except Ronald Reagan. He said “I was lucky enough to be asked to play the 2016 inauguration (of Donald J. Trump) as well. We couldn’t fulfill that one as well because we already had dates in Cincinnati, ” .Now, we can’t wait to witness such an incredible moment and history to be made.


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