Charley Pride Net Worth

charley pride net worth
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The all-rounder and the father of country music Charlie Pride is an American actor, singer, musician, and former professional baseball player. He was the king of the Country music industry during the mid-70s and earned several awards under his name. 

If you cant recall this icon let me bring the fact to your conscious that he gained most of his popularity when he became the best-selling performer for Elvis Presley; RCA records.

Though Charley earned a quite satisfactory fortune while entertaining us, being African-American to gain success in the field was one struggle but now looking at his net worth we can say he made it large!

Charley Pride net worth is estimated at around $45 million

As of November 2020, Charley is estimated to have a net worth of $45 million. There is one thing common between his list of professions and his net worth, they both are vast! Charley’s major income came from his successful music career being an iconic singer and guitarist. His bank account expanded when he entered the baseball world simultaneously.

Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award

Through Charley’s span delivering legendary music and contributing the utmost to the entertainment world, he left a mark that is celebrated even today. It was a pride moment for all the ’90s born to see the only black superstar of country music receiving the 2020 Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award at the CMA Awards 2020. Amidst receiving this award Charley became a little nostalgic as around 5 decades ago, he earned his first CMA trophy and now returning to the same stage to receive a lifetime achieving award, time truly flies.

In his moving award-winning speech he first, displayed his gratitude for the recognition and then gave a gist of his journey and overcoming the speed breakers of discrimination. he overwhelmingly said:

I love what I’m getting and appreciate God giving it to me like this from my voice and everything,

Charley continued, “I grew up in Mississippi, so I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I (said I) hadn’t faced discrimination.

Life Before Stature

Charley was born to a huge family of 11 children on March 18, 1934, in Sledge, Mississippi, to a sharecropper. Life was a challenge for him from day one, being black in a country like America was hard but the challenge of poverty was even worse. 

It was at the age of 11 when Charley was introduced to music, all thanks to his mother who bought him a guitar. As the pride family could not afford guitar classes he taught himself how to play. He considered this as a mere hobby and continued pursuing a livelihood as a baseball player. In 1953, he signed the contract with Bosie Yankees, a team of New York Yankees. After he faced an injury and could not carry on in the sport he shifted his attention to music. His singing abilities were already under the limelight and just needed a little polishing. Charley worked towards it and won the American Music Award in 1973.

The legacy and allure he built is inspiring to not only African Americans but all the wannabes aiming to do something great in their life.


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